Once you have your sigil representation made you can go through the process of charging it. The charging process goes through the act of giving the sigil the kna it needs in order to work. This kna will be a combination of spiritual kna, and the imprint of it in your mind, and in the minds of others. All of this will be able to be built up by interacting with the sigil, usually in an altered state of consciousness. The altered state of consciousness allows you to access the subconscious parts of your mind more easily, while also connecting you closer to the spiritual plane of existence, so that you will be able to draw upon spiritual kna more effectively.

Every sigil needs to be charged in order to have kna to manifest things into reality, if the sigil is not charged in anyway, then it will not be able to manifest. If a sigil is activated, then it will have to be recharged before it can be used again, unless the sigil has reached the point where it contains its own kna, and no longer needs to be charged, which will happen to sigils that are constantly reused especially by multiple people. By going through the act of creating a sigil, drawing out the sigil representation, acknowledging its existence, and seeing it with your own eyes will already give it a small charge to work with, though this is usually not enough for it to manifest anything that would be substantial. It does have its own amount of kna built up simply from its ability to exist, which will still be used in the manifestation process.

Charging can be done in a lot of different actions. These actions are regarded as charging methods, and can vary in how effective they are at building up kna for the sigil to use, though all of them can do it in some capacity. You can choose to do one of these charging methods, or many of them in order to charge the sigil. You will want to make sure that you charge the sigil thoroughly, so that you can be sure that you have filled it with the kna it needs to manifest things into reality.

Active charging:

Active charging is the act of putting kna into a sigil using a charging method that is directly focused on giving that sigil kna, because of this it will be done intentionally with the use of your own will, or the will of others.

Passive charging:

Passive charging is the act of putting kna into a sigil using a charging method where the sigil will get kna overtime through an indirect method of charging usually by being interacted with regularly throughout a specific time. Sigils can be unintentionally charged using passive charging methods.

Charging methods for sigils include such things as:

  • Pushing kna into the sigil by using kna work.
  • Focusing, or meditating intensely on the sigil.
  • Dancing around the sigil.
  • Working out with the sigil.
  • Chanting over the sigil, usually with things in regard to its intention.
  • Burning candles around, or on the sigil.
  • Rubbing blood upon the sigil.
  • Anointing the sigil with essential oils.
  • Anointing the sigil with holy water, or any other type of magickal water.
  • Spitting on the sigil.
  • Putting the sigil in the sunlight, or moonlight.
  • Having the sigil by a crystal grid.
  • Placing a charged crystal on top of the Sigil.
  • Submerging the sigil in water.
  • Talking to the sigil as if it was a person, trying to convince it to do its job.
  • Having people see and/or interact with the sigil.
  • Speaking about the sigil to other people.
  • Having the sigil on your person while going through your day, keeping it with you so that it can feed off your kna.
  • Having the sigil on you while you do something that gets your adrenaline pumping.
  • Having the sigil near you, while you are playing video games.
  • Focusing on the sigil while being in a intense emotional state.
  • Asking a higher power to charge the sigil for you.
  • Praying over the sigil.
  • Singing over the sigil.
  • Using the death posture to charge the sigil.
  • Making contact with the sigil through any form of contact such as tapping touching, or moving.
  • Walking on top of the sigil.
  • Place the sigil in front of music speakers, while music is playing.
  • Allowing the wind to blow the sigil.
  • Placing the sigil in front of a fan, and allowing its air to blow it.
  • Breathing on the sigil.
  • Having the sigil outside in a thunderstorm, storm, or the rain.
  • Placing your phone on top of the sigil, while your phone is charging.
  • Placing the sigil underneath your pillow, while you sleep.
  • Crying on to the sigil.
  • Reading holy scripture to the sigil.
  • Saying the names of God to the sigil.
  • Using a Tibetan singing bowl, or bell near the sigil.
  • Link sigils to the sigil, so those sigils can charge it.
  • Sprinkling herbs, and spices on top of the sigil.
  • Tell it to draw kna from something, or a link it to some other construct to feed off of.
  • Tell somebody about the sigil.
  • Acknowledge the sigils existence.
  • Placing the sigil somewhere with a lot of negativity, or positive kna.
  • Placing the sigil at a ley-marker.
  • Heating up the sigil.
  • Cooling down the sigil.
  • Placing the sigil in your underwear, or bra.
  • Masturbating on to the sigil to anoint the sigil with semen, or vaginal mucus, or masturbating while looking into the sigil.
  • Having sex around the sigil, on top of the sigil, or while looking at the sigil.
  • Giving birth over, or near the sigil.
  • Looking at the sigil while causing pain to yourself, or another. (not recommended)
  • Something dying, or being killed near, or around the sigil. (not recommended)

Ways To Know If Your Sigil Is Charged:

Once you have charged your sigil there are a couple methods that you can use in order to figure out, if you have charged it. This is also very helpful if you did not go through the process of charging the sigil, and you would like to know if it is built up any charge over time through other sources, or if it has reached the stage where it does not need to be charged. The following lists are things you can do in order to check for charges in sigils.

Deduction Method:

This method is more a form of reasoning rather than something you do. It allows you to know that the sigil is charged, because you have done something to make it that way. If you go through the process of doing a charging method, then most likely the sigil has been charged in some form of way, even if you don’t have another method of telling that it is.

Pragmatism, and Induction Method:

This is another method that is more a form of reasoning rather than something to do. The drawbacks on this method is that it works through pragmatism, so you only know if it is charged once it starts using that charge. If you go through the process of charging a sigil, and then you activate that sigil, and then it manifest something, clearly that sigil was charged.

Consciousness Method:

In this method you will be able to feel that your consciousness is focused upon the sigil, and is ready to be activated. This will probably be a very subtle feeling that you will have in your mind that is there, but is not very noticeable. This feeling will tell you that this sigil is charged at least in some way, and is ready to be activated.

Divination Method:

In this method in order to find out if the sigil is charged you go through the act of using any form of divination in order to ask if the sigil is charged. It does not matter what form of divination you use for this purpose, and all you need to ask is a yes, or no question on the charged state of the sigil. This method is quite easy if you know how to use divination, and can get you your answer quickly.

Adalama Method:

If you are able to feel spiritual kna you will be able to tell if the sigil is charged by simply running your hand over the sigil, or you will be able to tell by simply looking upon the sigil, through the feelings that you get. Everyone has a different way of going about feeling kna, and what it feels like to them. It can feel hot, cold, like a tingling sensation, or even can feel like a magnet pushing against your hand. By trying to feel into the sigil you will be able to get something if you are open to it which can help you figure out whether, or not the sigil is charged.

Spiritual Sight Method:

If you are able to see kna you will be able to use this method to see the kna in the air, and the knama around the sigil in order to tell if it is charged. To do this all you have to do is gently gaze at the sigil, while having your mind open, so that you will be able to see the colorful particles up the kna in the air, or the knama expanding off of the sigil. The more of this kna that you see, the higher likelihood that the sigil is charged.

Entity work method:

You could always ask your divines, along with any other form of entity, If the sigil has been charged. This will allow you to get a very quick response from a spiritual entity who is a lot more connected to these spiritual planes of existences, and will be able to tell you, if the sigil has gone through a charging method, and now holds power.


  1. Well my sigil is a Haitian rousta head my daughter gave to me on one of her cruises…i put eyes on him.black man with BLUE eyes….it’s amazing after reading your list to do, I’ve done more than one..it’s incredible to know things (your imagination is truly
    a staunch supporter)
    U have to be open to
    the incredible..reading
    UR info has given me
    So easily understood๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜‰โ˜โ˜๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†โœŒ


  2. I thought up this method. I don’t know if anyone has, but I thought it was a good way to get it where it needs to go.
    After drawing the sigil, take a picture of it with you phone. Then edit it and turn the image into a “negative” so that the background is black and the drawing is white. Then place a small red dot in the middle. Finally you stare are the red dot for as long as you’d like. Then look at the ceiling or the wall. The image will appear as if it’s there.
    It’s a play off of those “visual illusion” images that you stare at, only with a sigil.
    What do you think?


  3. My sigil is a passive numerology/geometry based “circle” where all the numerals (0-9) are represented, and each shape encoded to a different color (1 = white/ultraviolet – 9 = black/infrared), and all the points of the shapes are aligned in one direction so that the sigil can be turned to face any of the cardinal directions.

    I recharge it by focusing the sigil either North, South, East, or West (depending on the “spirit” I am invoking) and making an entreatment/offering upon the sigil. My go to is a to take a strip of paper, write a one word that represents what I want/need (vision, guidance, health, etc.) then I fold the paper (word side in) with a lock of my hair inside. Then I fold the paper again, forming a square. On the top side of the square I make a Chaos magic monogram sigil of the word I wrote, and put a thumbprint in my blood onto the opposite side. Then I place the square of paper on to the center of my sigil, put an incense cone on top the paper, and light the cone so that it will slowly burn through the paper into my sigil. I’ll usually meditate over my sigil while the incense burns, and then blow the ashes toward the cardinal direction I’m focusing on.

    There is a variant to this I did the other day that felt very effective. A zebra longwing butterfly was trapped in my screened in porch. I caught it in a glass, and placed it atop my sigil. Then, I repeated my usual process with the incense/paper being placed atop the glass. When the incense burned out, I blew the ashes west (my chose direction) and the lifted the glass to release the butterfly. Watching the butterfly fly West in the wake of my ashes filled me with a calm and confidence that most rituals don’t achieve.


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