When we call upon the kna of the wolf, we are not calling upon the kna of a single wolf but on the collective kna of the wolves. This collective kna of the wolf can bring specific kna and attributes of the wolf into our practice to enhance it. To call upon this kna and invoke it into your practice, all you must do is call it out loud or in your head, preferably multiple times by saying “I invoke the kna of the wolf”. This can also be done through the act of howling when also combined with your intentions to invoke the wolf. This kna can also be invoked through the act of getting representations of wolves such as pictures, figures, statues, actual parts of wolves, or other things that represent wolves. Like every other type of kna, this kna will feel different to everybody who experiences it, but it is usually encountered as a wild, free-flowing natural kna. Once you have called upon that kna, and it arrives at your side, it will be able to be worked within your practice. The attributes that this wolf kna will bring are ones of strength, freedom, loyalty, communication, intelligence, intuition, guidance, community, wisdom, success, a good judge of character, perseverance, shape-shifting, protection, teaching, pathfinding, cunning, humbleness, protection, death, and re-birth. Invoking the wolf will also connect you very powerfully with the wolf and allow you to work with it to improve your magickal effectiveness.

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