The Ravens Of Antimony Macro Unkindness Of Ravens Tarot Spread

  1. LUST: What do you lust over, and that you want to get your hands on no matter what?
  2. PASSION: What are you passionate about, and that starts a flame in your heart?
  3. DEVOTION: What are you loyal, and devoted to, so much so that it has control over you, and you would do anything for it?
  4. PREJUDICE: What is something that you have an opinion on, that is not based on reason, and is hurting you in the long run?
  5. ANGER: What makes you angry, and makes you feed into your hate?
  6. MISUNDERSTANDING: What is something that you truly do not understand, but you think you understand?
  7. SKILL: What are you skilled in?
  8. MIGHT: What is something that you have that makes you powerful?
  9. ASCENDANCY: What will allow you to ascend past the level you are currently at?
  10. CHAOS: What do you not have control over in your life, that will always be a random state, and that you will have to work around?
  11. PANIC: What do you stress way too much over, that is not productive, and does not serve you?
  12. HORROR: What fills you with fear, and haunts you on a spiritual level?
  13. DARK: What drives you into the darkness?
  14. CONNECTION: What are you connected to on a spiritual level?
  15. LIGHT: What allows the light to illuminate you?
  16. WISDOM: What is an insight, or message that you need to receive?
  17. KNOWLEDGE: What do you know a lot about?
  18. LOGIC: Where does your knowledge come from?
  19. BINDING: What do you seek to have control over?
  20. WARDING: What is something that you push away in order to keep yourself safe?
  21. PROTECTION: What do you use to protect yourself?
  22. INSANITY: What is harsh to your mental state?
  23. ILLUSION: What is something that you wrongly perceived, that you do not know that you wrongly perceive?
  24. FANTASY: What is a perception that you hide in, that you are perfectly comfortable living in?
  25. BEING: What does your kna feel like?
  26. LIFE: What is an important thing that you need to learn from life?
  27. HEALTH: What is your physical, mental, and spiritual health like?
  28. CORRUPTION: What pushes you to do things, that you probably shouldn’t do?
  29. DEATH: What is something in your life that has made you change into a different state, and his made you switch around your worldview, or beliefs?
  30. BANISHMENT: What is something that you should push out of your life, that would allow you to have a much better experience?
  31. PAIN: What causes you pain in your life?
  32. EXPERIENCE: What is something that you have experienced in life, that has allowed you to expand your experience?
  33. ENLIGHTENMENT: How will you enlighten your body, mind, and spirit?
  34. UNKNOWN: What is something that is unknown to you?
  35. RELEASE: What is something that you should release expectations on?
  36. REBIRTH: How will you change based on all the experiences you have had so far?

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