A lot of the time, you see crystal references that refer to favorable metaphysical properties of the stones, but in this list, we are going to be looking at more negatively associated properties that could be used in your magickal working. These properties are brought out from the stones primarily when used in situations that use their kna in excess or metaphysical properties that we would associate with more negative aspects of being.

  • Amethyst: To cause oversensitivity to spiritual kna and to cause illusion.
  • Lapis Lazuli: To cause illusion, oversensitivity, detachment, and ungroundedness.
  • Opal: To cause bad luck and greed.
  • Quartz Crystal: To cause kna overflow.
  • Selenite: To cause kna overflow.
  • Flint: To cause conflicts.
  • Pyrite: To cause illusion, bad luck, and greed.
  • Obsidian: To cause overwhelming emotions and conflicts.
  • Diamond: To cause binding on a physical or spiritual level, betrayal, bad luck, and greed.
  • Blue Lace Agate: To cause people to confess to their actions.
  • Celestite: To cause detachment and ungroundedness.
  • Jasper: To cause aggression, anger, and overbearing control.
  • Tiger’s eye: To cause arrogance, pride, and egotism.
  • Pearls: To cause bad luck, sadness, and depression
  • Emerald: To summon harmful entities.
  • Agate: To turn your enemies against themselves and to cause confusion.
  • Turquoise: To cause corruption and decay.


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