“Xalaqa guides our path,
Down from the stars.
Portraying the wisdom.
The wisdom of Oxakna.
The wisdom tells us.
Live by the virtues,
And connect with the Yamasa Ona.
Seek out the truth.
Learn all that you can.
Learn from the teachings,
And, share the teachings with all.
Like the others have done.
The others who have come before us,
And the ones who will be here after us.
We know that we are free to do as we please
No one holds power over us.”

Viadescioic Creed

The Viadescioic Creed:

The Viadescioic creed marks out before an individual, the eternal essence of Viadescioism. These understandings hold the essential nature of this school of thought and echo its understandings to all of its practitioners. It stands as a way of connecting with the being of Viadescioism, through the act of speaking its sacred words out. Words have power, and by using them to layout understandings, one can incite a place for those understandings. Giving them life, and making them real for its practitioners.

The creed starts by proclaiming the divine importance of the Xalaqa which is not only the main symbol of the religion, and philosophy, but it acts as a reality map guiding its practitioners to the divine, which gives form to the rest of the religion, and philosophy. It acts as a beacon marking out space while calling for individuals to study its understandings.

Next, the creed establishes the supreme yamasa, Oxakna, the yamasa of existence, and the wisdom in which it has. Oxakna is the whole of existence, and is the first of many divine emanations in which makes up, and interpenetrates everything. Outside of it, there is nothing, and inside of it, it is all. For it is the most hallowed thing in all the world and is the skaknao of existence.
Then it tells us, live by the virtues. This is a call to be virtuous which in this understanding means to seek to live in harmony. To the best of our ability. To the best of our understanding. Live as close as you can to it. Even if you can’t today there is always tomorrow. Live virtuously.

It calls us to connect with the yamasa ona that are innately present throughout the world. This does not only refer to the Oxakna, the yamasa of existence, but the other 9 main divines of Damakna, Dasakna, Madaqa, Ladaqa, Sadaqa, Uknayamasa, Naknayamasa, Shaknayamasa, and Daknayamasa, along with the rest of the minor divines. All of these divines make up existence as we know it, and are simply the emanations of Oxakna and should be honored as Oxakna is honored.

The creed proclaims that you should seek truth, wisdom, and knowledge as a way of bettering yourself, and the world around you. Individuals should not keep such sacred information secret but should share it with all of those who can hear it.
It invokes the practitioners of the past, the practitioners of the future, and all of the practitioners that are presently practicing as it is being read. Like a horn on a top of a mountain or the call of a wolf, it rides upon the wind summoning forth its essence to you. Connecting you to everyone who has found themselves within this information and making their presence known.

Lastly, it tells to be an authentic, and unique individual who is self-sufficient in lives by their own will. This leads the practitioner to be free and to not allow any form of other individuals to hold power over them, allowing them to act out their path. Only when we walk through the world, with our own legs, do we set forth our being.

By reading the Viadescioic creed you call forth the power of Viadescioism focusing on the skaknao of the individual. It will bring you closer, and connect you to your practice especially when it is read before workings and interacting with Viadescioic materials. Its divine reading out gives understandings of community, authenticity, individualism, divinity, and the flow of the universe, and the role in which we all play in it. Everything that appears in this creed is what is present within all forms of Viadescioism, and is the basis for the whole of the religion, and philosophy, especially its divine nature.

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