Practitioners come to magick in order to manifest what they want into the world, and quite often these practitioners will decide that riches are what they want to manifest into their life. It is important to understand that one can manifest wealth, and abundance, but higher end, or or continuous versions of this will be more difficult to produce. It is not impossible, there are magical practitioners who have gone through the process when manifesting these things within their life, and do enjoy a good amount of luxury. Though there are many pitfalls one would have to watch out for that would allow the process not to work, and because of this it seems to only really be effective for a select few in specific cases.

The two points that we would like to talk about in this post are probability, and power. Probability being the likeliness of it happening, and Power in reference to what it would take in order to get it done. These are two of the main reasons why we see this to most likely not be a very effective form of practice and why many people who study these practices don’t have a high abundance of a material wealth.

Probability, and Power:

Let’s first talk about probability, and how this money will end up in your life. There are not many ways for riches to be manifested into your life, and being in the right place at the right time in order to receive these riches are usually places in which most people do not have access to. Magick works in a subtle way, and travels through the path of least resistance, and it would be hard for there to be an outlet of high amounts of money for most common people. A spell targeted to bring you a million dollars would have very limited ways of getting to someone who is impoverished, or is even of the middle class, though if someone of a position of the higher class who works with this type of money all the time did a spell for it, it would most likely have many different ways that it would be able to appear in their life. It’s not like someone was going to drop 1 million dollars on the ground, and not notice, so the way it gets to you is very important, and most people do not have the privilege to be in such positions that’s such money can enter their lives. Because it would have a harder time to manifest in such a person’s life who did not have access to these situations it would also require more power on their end in order to force it to happen through other forms of channels.

This is also usually why people go for the lottery, or influencing other forms of gambling, because that could act as an outlet point for receiving such money. But, we also have a probability problem with the lottery, and because of this it’s already insanely hard to get anything out of it. You are also not going to be the only person playing the lottery, and you are already at such a physical disadvantage for winning. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice then winning the lottery, and even with a spiritual advantage from whatever form of magick you can cook up you still most likely will not win. There are also many other people consciously, and unconsciously who have put their spiritual practices into the ring, which does not bode well for your probability of winning. Other people are going to be using magick, prayers, and other forms of things to get an advantage in the lottery. Every person who even goes to the process of buying a lottery ticket puts power towards them manifesting winnings, which in turn decreases your chance of winning. Because of how difficult this process is it would take a lot of power in order to even come close to manifesting a lottery win. This amount of power most likely will not be able to be mustered simply through the magical practice of any individual, and would most likely require some divine intervention in order for it to come to pass, or you would have to get extremely lucky.

A practitioner also to be wealthy needs to have money coming into their life continuously, so that they can sustain their way of living. Practitioners can definitely make money come to them, but when you need money to come to you on a continuous basis that is much harder to be manifested. It would be much easier to manifest money once rather than a continuous income, but a continuous income is needed for life, for people do not need to be fed once, they need to be fed continuously. You may be in the right spot to receive a couple dollars here in there, but it usually is never financially stable enough to live off of which would require you most likely to manifest a job rather than money.

Money magick can be an incredibly rewarding process to undertake that can bring to you the capital you need in specific situations. Though these understandings can be quite powerful and effective it is important to remember that pursuing very high ambitions in regards to it can result in a very ineffective practice. It may simply be easier to manifest things you need the money for, or for a certain type of situation that could result in you receiving the money. Everyone can struggle financially regardless of if you are a powerful practitioner of magick, a priests, or simply a mundane person. Such things do not devalue your practice, and are not necessary to prove your practice is legitimacy.


  1. Wow, this response of yours is very excellent.I think our focus should be in service, if our focus is in service, it comes back to us for many lifetimes as blessings. We are already living very luxurious and convenient lives, why would we want more?By the way, thank you very much for the beautiful sigils you have made for me. I’m deeply grateful for all your help.VahidSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  2. Brilliant analysis, and I came to this conclusion as well. Let me quickly describe such a situation:
    Ever since the gold iPhone XS was introduced, I wanted one badly, but it ofc cost $1000 and I just didn’t have that laying around and with bad credit there’s no way I could buy one on payments. This past Jan using the tarot I cast 2 money magic spells, one for $1000 so I could get the phone and one for $50000, bc, well, why sell yourself short? However, softly in my heart I knew that I was in no real place that $50000 could reach me and that I was not yet powerful enough to manipulate circumstances so that it could reach me. The $1000, however I was quite confidant about. I gave both spells a time limit of April (I guess to “force” the universes hand, boy have I got ALOT to learn abt magic!).

    April came and went with nothing manifested, disappointed I moved on to other things. I had been an ATT prepaid customer for many years and was at their store one day this May and one of their sales people began to upsell me on upgrading to postpaid while getting a new phone. My bad credit would be no barrier since I had been a prepaid customer for so many years and indeed I could walk out with an new iPhone that day with no deposit!

    The salesman steered me to (quite sensibly for a salesman!) to the iPhone 8’s, but no way! If I was gonna walk out with a brand new iPhone it was gonna be that XS in gold! Tragically that store had no gold BUT they could get one delivered to me that very day, I declined and just decided to take a white iPhone XS 😦

    Well after a few weeks with the iPhone XS in white I returned it cuz what’s the point of paying $1000 for a phone you don’t want? I really had my heart set on that gold iPhone but it was not to be–or so I thought.

    The day I returned the iPhone a phone call came in on my old prepaid line, it was a delivery from ATT! Perplexed, I explained to the guy I was not expecting any phone deliveries and had not ordered anything from ATT. I went down and he said this delivery just popped up on his screen and I needed to accept it, it was a GOLD IPHONE XS.

    Wow, I thought, amazing, but I can’t afford it I’ve spent that activation money on other things I no longer can afford it. As I was thinking these things, he unboxed and set up the phone, scanned my license and I signed various paperwork both virtual and physical detailing the payment plan and contract. After around 20min I had officially taken possession the iPhone XS in gold and it was set up in service all ready to go.

    Having that phone in my hands made me so happy. I could never afford an iPhone before and now here I am with the top of the line device and in gold to boot! I was thrilled but circumstances hadn’t changed, I had spent the activation fee and first month’s bill money–I just couldn’t afford the phone 😦

    I called ATT and explained the situation, wanting to return it as soon as possible, but–now get this!–they couldn’t find the phone! I read off the IMEI the serial number EVERYTHING and they couldn’t find the phone in their system! My greedy little heart jumped! This went on for a MONTH AND A HALF. Last thing I wanted was a blacklisted phone and my good record with ATT ruined bc of me trying to get over on somebody. I WANTED to return the phone, I DID NOT WANT any issues with ATT, but they could NOT find the phone in their system!

    I could not return a phone they had no record of giving me! And boy I tried, I was switched to dept after dept, bounced around like a pinball but no solution. Because I had that white iPhone XS I had a postpaid account and that was what the iPhone gold’s service was activated under. I got a free iPhone!

    I consider the spell fulfilled and have heartily expressed my gratitude to the universe, even tithing 10%–$10 to a bum selling street roots. Magic is mysterious and acts in its own way. On top of this are the factors of reality and the personal power and knowledge of the magician.

    Ofc the $50000 has not been fulfilled–yet!–but at the time I sent that spell into the universe it’s minuscule chances of coming to pass I already understood and accepted. Quite frankly, that $50000 as a thing was far away from me but the iPhone was close up and greatly desired, if you get my drift. I WANTED that iPhone, the 50k…meh, I’ve turned down jobs that would net me that in 8mos (I’m a commercial driver) simply because the jobs involved morning hours.

    Oh, on top of it all, that gold iPhone XS was delivered on my birthday! Thank you Universe!


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