The Baari mental state is characterized by mindfulness, equanimity, relaxed alertness, and gracefulness. Practitioners of Arda enter this state at the beginning of the fight, willfully through specific techniques. It is a form of mindfulness for fighting, allowing the practitioner to be completely aware of their surroundings and opponents. It will center and ground the individual spiritually while focusing on the mind and preparing the body for the altercation. The individual must call upon their mind to be aware of before, during, and after an action in the state. It allows you to be in the now complete and to relieve your mind of thoughts that may trouble you. It will enable you to compose your mind so that you do not become upset by heavy emotions. It helps you feel through the pain so that you may be able to withstand it during your altercation. Baari is the state when what you observe and what you become one. It allows you to act spontaneously with your intuition to call upon all the techniques and understandings you have learned through your training until that point so that you can act them out subconsciously. During the Baari state, one should also intentionally connect with the spiritual aspect of all the people who have done that practice before them so that they can move flow with ancestors of their skill. Baari can be used in and out of combat whenever an individual needs these qualities, though the state must be trained and can be trained through meditation or by simply entering the state. It would help if you did it until it becomes automatic and authentic, and you can call upon it whenever you need it. It will combine your body, mind, and spirit like an extended kna strike bringing all aspects of you together.

It can be tough to explain because it is such a state, but understanding baari and what you are looking for will help you enter said state. Simply making the conscious decision to enter baari will help you realize the state. To enter the baari state, you must first center and ground spiritually. Relax the body, and mind through your breath, and then focus on every aspect of the experience around you. Take it all in mentally, and analyze it. Also, focus on the spirit within your body and feel it as it flows through you. Allow your body to make subconscious moves, and do not overthink what you are doing. Be free to act without hesitation with your will and intuition. When you move with the nature of the practice you are performing, and your mind is at ease and is aware, you have reached the state.

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