A caga guardian is essentially a basic skaqa that works as a protector by warding, and shielding areas for the individual who creates them. All you need to do is create the caga Guardian, and keep it close to you or the space you want to be protected, and it will do so for you.

1) Find, or make a body that can contain the essence of the caga guardian. This can be literally anything, but should be something that kna flows well through.

2) Write the ravens Ca and Ga on the object you are going to use for the body of the Guardian.

3) Give that specific caga guardian a name. Make a personal sigil for the Caga using the name that you have given it, then write that sigil upon the body.

4) Now begin chanting the word “caga” and while you do this move the body to first touch your forehead, then to touch your heart, then to touch your lips. Once that is done stop chanting, and blow on it. Visualize that you are breathing life into the guardian.

5) Draw in the air in front of the body the raven of life Ska, then push through that symbol visualizing it flowing into the body.

6) Then profess to the guardian “You are awake.” and from there on the guardian will work for you.

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