This is a cosmology for viadescioism that shows a basic understanding of how all of existence is laid out.

Viadescioic cosmogony:

There is not a lot to viadescioic cosmogony. This is primarily because viadescioism sees existence as timeless, and eternal, and because of that has no beginning, or ending, and has always been. All existence as eternal, and there is no creator of all being. The reason that there is something rather than nothing is because there is always been something, and it was never given a choice to be something else, because of that everything exists, and continues to exist, and will always exist. There is no endgame, there are constant cycles. We exist, and keep existing in different states times, and places.

The universe has always been changing itself continuously through determinism, and natural forces which are the essence of the yamasa. The universe continues in a continuous cycle. The big bounce is what propagates birth from the death of all the old universes. Meaning that this universe is a chain of universes expanding, and collapsing throughout time, and space. There is an old universe that is not known about, and there will be a new universe which we will never know, and they are not worth worrying about. The big bounce, as it is theorized, combines the theory of the big crunch with the big bang. In other words, the universe expands, contracts, and expands again, causing a, “bounce”.

Here are some definitions for understanding the rest of this writing as it is written:

Planes of Existences:

Planes of existences are separated by different densities of kna, and are not separated by distance, but much rather states of being. The planes are neither above nor below one another, but interpenetrating, and existing in the same space, just on different levels.

There are no higher planes of existences, as the physical, mental, and spiritual are equal to each other, and none of them are higher, or lower. There’s no form of Ultimate Reality that is more real than another one just different aspects of the existence in which we separate into planes. Even the plane in which we refer to as the whole of Oxakna is not above, but simply a merging of all aspects of the existence in which we have separated.

Veils of Existences:

The veils are different gateways between the planes of existences that open up based on different parameters. Between every plane of existence there is a veil, and these veils are what needs to be done in order to become aware of the next plane of existence. Every veil has a descending and ascending variable that must be met. These veils are metaphorical walls that are usually based on a form of action that needs to be completed in order to traverse them.


A dimension is a quantitative measurement that can communicate the position of a construct within a particular area of existence. Specific dimensions such as the 3rd, or 4th dimension uses the number to represent minimal number of parameters needed to describe the space. These type of dimensional parameters would be things such as X, Y, Z, and time.


A universe is a specific section of existence that consist of its own specific space-time continuum.

Viadescioic Cosmology:

Skaknao ona usually have all of these bodies simultaneously, and it is more so your awareness that changes where it is focusing. As we exist within all parts of ourselves all at once.

Sadaqa, The Physical:

The Sadaqa is home to all of the physically incarnated entities which reside there, and it is the densest plane of existence. The physical plane is a 3rd dimensional space. All entities on this plane have a great feeling of separation between their being.

Danacada, Between Body and Mind:

The danacada is a veil located in between the Sadaqa, and Ladaqa. One can ascend from the Sadaqa into the Ladaqa through the process of entering an altered state of consciousness, or once the physical body has died. An individual is able to descend from the Ladaqa into the Sadaqa if they are incarnated into a physical body.

Ladaqa, The Mental:

The Ladaqa is a 3rd dimensional plane of existence. It is the plane of the mind, and can be accessed through altered states of consciousness brought on through meditation, sleep, or entheogens, along with other things. On this plane of existence time works a bit weirdly, and can seem distorted at times. The dreamscape is also on this plane, and is the place in which you are when you are dreaming. This is also the plane of existence were entities such as ghosts, Samakna ona, and Masakna ona that are connected to the physical reside. Skaqa ona also begin their creation from this plane, and will primarily exist here. Everything that exists in the Sadaqa has an mental body that is an exact replica of the denser physical body, this even includes inanimate objects. Entities that exist on the mental plane must be bound, or grounded to objects, places, or people in order to stay at that frequency so they can exist in the Ladaqa for an extended period of time. You are able to be ungrounded from the Sadaqa, and get forcibly sent to the Ladaqa. Mental bodies that are separated from the Sadaqa are still very attached to it, and can only move so far away from it, before it is snapped back. During a dream state the mental body does not leave the physical body, but does perceive, and interact with projections, though skilled practitioners can also separate their mental body from their physical body. The forms of entities on this plane are malleable, and fluid and can change by the will of the entity.

Naskacada, Between Mind and Spirit:

The Naskacada is a veil located in between the mental and spiritual plane. In order to ascend from the Ladaqa one must disconnect from the Sadaqa. In order to descend into the Ladaqa one must be grounded to the Sadaqa.

Madaqa, The Spiritual:

The Madaqa is a 4th dimensional space where you are able to move through time, and are able to be with the past, present, and future. It exists within the spiritual connections between all things, and is our relationship to all other forms of entities, and constructs. It is a web connecting everything together, and we move along the different strands of it. It can be like the Sadaqa, or can be surreal. This is the last plane of forms, and the forms of entities are malleable, and fluid. The spiritual body is usually a reflection of your physical, and mental body, though this form is easily manipulated, and changed through thought, and desire.

Oxaknadaqacada, Between The Individual and The All:

The Oxaknadaqacada is a veil located in between the whole of oxakna, and all the other three planes. In order to ascend you must release your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, become formless, and you must reconnect with Oxakna. In order to descend into a physical, mental, and/or spiritual body, you must take form, you must become a individual, and you must be defined by specific universal laws.

The Whole of Oxakna:

Once all of your forms are shed you go into the formless, and examine the forms.

This plane of existence is in the 5th dimension, the 6th dimension, the 7th dimension, the 8th dimension, the 9th dimension, and/or the 10th dimension. It’s a weird chaotic combination of all of them, and this is the chaos in which all things exist Within. This is the station of pure abstraction, and essential unity. It is impermanent, and always in flux. It is the underlying essence to the other three planes, and All the divines, and is the extension of everything as it is present in the whole of Oxakna.

Here you are aware of your divineness, and your overall connection to existence. This is the absolute oneness with the divine, and is the apotheosis of existence. This is the plane of being, where everything that is anything is, and there exists an unlimited unmanifested potential of kna of creation. It is all that is possible, and all that you can experience. It is everything, and it is nothing. It also encapsulates everything that exists, and is the place where the divine monad for everything is present. It seems to be inherently incomprehensible because it is outside the normal laws, and can be many things at once. All entities, and constructs of existence have some connection to The Whole of Oxakna.

Universes are created by separations on the primordial plane, and are created live, and die, and are then recycled. An infinite number of universes exist all at one time.

Impassable Cada, Between Something and Nothing:

Located nowhere The Impassable Cada cannot be passed, and does not exist. The separation between these two states is existing in non-existing, and nothing can move in between these states.

Skaknayaack, The Nothing:

Skaknayaack is absolute nothingness, it is not space, nor color, nor darkness, and is everywhere where Oxakna is not. Skaknayaack cannot be experienced, and it cannot be defined. Skaknayaack is incomprehensible to the mind. It is non-existent.

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