Viadescioic Chants are Chants made using the Ravens of antimony. They’re primarily used by chanting them multiple times in order to focus one’s mind and kna upon a specific desire or effect, while also invoking the Ravens to bring that desire or effect about. There is no minimum or maximum amount you must chant them but the more that you do so the closer it brings you to your manifestation. These chants are also not made up of words but are simply the Ravens expressed in patterns.

List of some Viadescioic Chants:

  • Viadescioic Chant To Break A Curse: Vaba Vaha Vasa
  • Viadescioic Chant For Confidence and Courage: O I A Skada
  • Viadescioic Chant For Healing: Shaba Skada
  • Viadescioic Chant For Compassion: Ma Skada
  • Viadescioic Chant For Clarity: Da Dada Ya Ha
  • Viadescioic Chant For Deal With Changes: Vawa Shawa
  • Viadescioic Chant For Binding: Ba Dada A Wa
  • Viadescioic Chant For Cleansing: Shakna Oknanawa
  • Viadescioic Chant For Banishing: Kna Gaba Gaba Ard
  • Viadescioic Chant For Balancing: Lasa Lama Lasa Lama
  • Viadescioic Chant For Focus and Awareness: Tala Tala A’
  • Viadescioic Chant To Attract Love: Sha La La
  • Viadescioic Chant For Money: Nana Daskada Nana Daskada Nana Daskada Nana Ha
  • Viadescioic Chant Of Calmness: O Shakna Shakna A O Na
  • Viadescioic Chant Of Empowerment: Da Da U Da Da A
  • Viadescioic Chant Of Protection: Cada Gada A O Caga

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