Owa is the act of influencing the kna of a Skaknao in order to have it express in the way in which the individual would wanted to. This process allows the individual to have control over another Skaknao in relation to its own. Changing it by transmuting its kna to a state in which is desired. This can be done physically, mentally, or spiritually. It allows the magick of an individual to be cast over a long amount of time, and it will allow their magick to be used separately from them. Because of this it can be used in order to create magickal items such as laqa ona.

Owa is a lot like telling the entity, or construct to express in different ways through the act of molding its physical form, thinking of it or making it think differently, or by changing what it is connected to, so that the whole of its being, or it’s skaknao is more in line with the individual’s desire for how it should interact in the world. This kna will affect the kna of other skaknao ona bringing the magick of the individual into fruition. It will also add more kna to the skaknao making it stronger and more encompassing so that it will be able to enact the will of the individual.

Skaknao that have been through the process of Owa may also require a knala in order to keep its kna strong. It could always use the kna of the skaknao using it, or it could simply restore its kna from a knala in which you have told it to gather from. Constructs, or entities will take in this kna, and use it to cast magick with the intent that the individual had imprinted upon its skaknao. Owa can also be incredibly versatile depending upon how creative the individual who is using it is. As during the process you are able to add triggers, or switch between multiple effects.

The Owa process:

First you must find something you would like to do the act of Owa to. This can be any entity or construct but for whatever it is you should pay attention to the aspects of its skaknao, because this is what you are changing.

Next, if possible you are going to want to go through the process of cleansing the skaknao to provide yourself with a pure canvas in which to work with. Setting its skaknao back to a more moderate state. You can use any of your favorite cleansing methods for this task just as long as it gets cleaned completely.

Then you are going to want to set up a daknaca surrounding the entity or item with at least 10 Stones so that you can make a Knala in order to change its skaknao. You want to sit with the item for a bit and focus on how you are changing its kna. You should do this for at least 5 minutes to get a good understanding of its skaknao and how it should Express. Envision it’s being becoming what you want it to be within your mind and allow your kna to interact with that spiritually, mentally, and physically. Speak out loud, or in your head the ways in which you would want this skaknao to act in the existence telling it what it is connected to, activated by, and/or anything else you can think of to make it work for you.

After this the process is complete and the daknaca can be picked up. The physical form that underwent the process could also receive some form of mark designating that it has. This will allow individuals to tell that it has gone through the act of Owa and what it was for.

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