Oskadaja is a name accepted by a Viadescioist and is used in magical working to refer to and empower oneself. It is a name imprinted upon your skaknao through the act of Owa in which a practitioner does upon themselves. The name is used in ritual to be the individual and is used to call up the power of the kna of the individual so that they can use the true potential of their skaknao to affect themselves and their existence.

Oskadaja is always in the Arskasa ona, and Oskadaja is a combination of the different ravens and individuals’ connection to their kna. These names can be found or created in many different ways, and there is no correct or wrong way to come upon your Oskadaja. Primarily they will be created by the practitioner based on the Arskasa ona connected to their kna, but it really could be any combination of Arskasa ona that the practitioner would want to represent themselves. It can be found because it can be a pre-existing one or given to you by another person. Even if someone has the same Oskadaja, each one will be connected to use specifically through your kna and how it is connected to your skaknao. Much like how people who share the same name are naturally distinguished from each other because of intention, context, and how one is being addressed even though they share the same name. Not all Viadescioist choose to have an Oskadaja, and practitioners can change Oskadaja from time to time. It is a way to separate yourself from the mundane world, allowing yourself to awaken to your divine self through the utterance and usage of that name. The name is connected to the individual and can influence them like any other form of name, but there is no need to keep the name secret, as individuals knowing it can strengthen that individual’s power by them giving them kna.

Once you have a name constructed of the Arskasa ona, all you need to do to connect it to you is create a daknaca surrounding you so that you can make a Knala change your skaknao. In the daknaca and the power of the Knala, begin to chant the name while you write it in the Arskasa ona upon something, and while you do so, visualize it being written upon your body, mind, and spirit. After you are finished writing it, make the divine hand sign of Daknavadakna over it, and speak aloud or in your head the arskasa of Ba.

After this, the process is complete, and the daknaca can be picked up, and you can go upon your way. Remember that your name is also not the true essence of you, and is simply another identity to label your existence.

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