In the practice of Viadescioism a Viadescioist can start their routine for the day by using this invocation. The practitioner would simply go through the process of making the Divine hand sign of Oxavadakna which is made by placing all of your fingertips against one another well all of your fingers are separated much like you are holding a ball.

“E U A` Ta Ha Ra A I O Ka Gha Tha Sa La Ma Ar Ja Na Ba Ga Ca Za Qa Fa Kna Ska Sha Ack Abt Ard Pa Da Xa Ya Va Wa”

While you say each word envisioned ravens showing up to greet you. It is important to remember that pronunciation does not matter as much as you trying to intend on saying the words with your will. This empowerment goes through the process of invoking all of the names of the ravens of antimony in order to bring them with you in your day. This process only needs to be done once a day, and would be most helpful at the beginning of the day when you first wake up.

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