Understanding and working with the land around you can give your magick a huge advantage when doing magickal practices within that space. The land you live upon is alive and conscious, and it knows of and has been imprinted on by the kna of past events, good ones, and bad ones. The land you live in can provide you with kna and many a magickal tool that you can use in your practice to enhance parts of your life and connect more closely with the samakna of the land.

Connecting with the samakna of the land:

The samakna of the land is not a singular entity of the land but all the skaknao ona and kna that exist within the land. This means that you are even a part of it, and you can use this connection as a form of empowerment in magical workings. By understanding the history, and the cultures that have existed within the borders of the land, you can learn what it has been through, and this knowledge will give you power. Not power over it, but with it. Remember, you too are part of the flow of existence, and together you can be stronger than you ever were alone. Land samakna is a combination of all things that live upon the land and exist within the mind, body, and spirit of all of those things. They are powerful and encompass their domain, whether a house, state, or country. A land samakna will also encompass other samakna as they embody many aspects of nature.

Working from the land:

The land has gifts it can give you. These gifts can be used in your magickal practices to help you cast your will into existence and allow you to connect and work with the land. These gifts come in the form of constructs and entities that naturally occur inside the land, and using native things will give you more understanding of the samakna of the land.

Honoring the samakna of the land:

Remember to honor the cultures and the kna that has come before you. Even if they are no longer, they will be with you in mind, body, and spirit. You and they have connected by home, a place of comfort and stability that will stretch on through every generation for as long as that land exists. Honor this bond as their kna is here and is expressing itself upon the land. If it is not understood, respected, and cooperated with, it could bring great trouble to the land.

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