In Viadescioism tea is a sacred substance and represents wisdom, community, balance, and harmony through its being, because of this the substance is treated with great reverence and respect. Within the practice of experiencing tea in Viadescioism the tea is brewed in the gong fu cha style of brewing, and nothing is added to it. It is within the stand-alone state that the practice of taking in the tea is prevalent. This ritual is done in a mindful state being aware of the tea first thanking it, then whispering your intention to it, and finishing the statement by saying the word “makna”, before drinking it with intention. This will take that kna into you along with the kna from the tea itself. Hoping to bring forth your will from the inside. The cup also has kna in which it brings into the tea having experience things such as color, shape, and material changes how the tea is received.

There are 6 main different types of tea and each of them have their own kna:

Green Tea: Dasakna, Earth, Growth, Health, Longevity, Harmony, Alertness, Energy, Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Prosperity, Fulfillment, Life, Purification, and Cleansing.

White Tea: Dasakna, Air, Wisdom, Communication, Purification, Cleansing, Healing, Clarity, Protection, and New Beginnings.

Yellow Tea: Dasakna, Fire, Prosperity, Fulfillment, Communication, Travel, Harmony, and Knowledge.

Oolong Tea: Damakna, Water, Reflection, Wisdom, Serenity, Balance, Concentration, Transformation, and Harmony.

Black Tea: Damakna, Earth, Strength, Stability, Willpower, Prosperity, Courage, Protection and Banishment.

Pu-erh Tea: Damakna, Water, Death, Life, Reincarnation, Health, and Longevity.

Vadava, Tea Drunk:

Vadava is the state of being tea drunk, and it produces a happy calm light-headed feeling. The state can be achieved easily through the Gong fu cha style of brewing tea, and it comes easily from green, white, and fermented teas, but it can be achieved from any form of tea. It is used in order to enhance meditation especially the process of journeying through Vaskaknaova, because of the mindset it puts you within. The state provides kna, focus, and relaxation. This process can be overdone making the individual not feel good after an overconsumption of tea, and this effect primarily comes from a combination of theobromine, caffeine, catechins, and l-theanine which is found within tea.

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