Within the process of Vaskaknaova a practitioner would most likely start with in a space that is greatly connected to them, this is referred to as the heart. The heart of the ladaqa for the individual is a sacred space that is just connected to themselves. It is an environment that mirrors the practitioner, and is the place they said off before beginning their journeys. Because of this the space changes with the practitioner and is less a place of exploration as it is a temple within the mind of the practitioner. The heart usually contains places for the individual’s skacaga ona which are their guardians and guides that are made up from specific aspects of themselves. The environment is shaped from there inner mental being and may change with mental disruptions. The heart is a safe place where the practitioner can begin every one of their journeys or interact with elements of themselves. It is not impenetrable but it does provide a form of home and is completely unique. Practitioners can also end up here during dreaming as dreaming also takes you to the Ladaqa.

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