Dreams are powerful tools that can be used in various different ways for not only performing magick, but also learning more about ourselves from the inside. Dreams are beautiful landscapes based in the mental that you can experience when you are sleeping. It is the way the skaknao continues it’s awareness while your body is at rest. Since your dreams are in the mental the environments that you exist on in the dream can be fully manipulated by your will, but your will needs your awareness in order to be more voluntary. Your awareness usually fades when you enter a sleep-like state, but can be regained, or never lost depending on your skill. You can awaken within your dreams, or keep your awareness, while your body drifts off to sleep. Dreams can be a wonderful place where you can get messages from your skacaga, communicate with Oxakna, and even live out experiences that you would never have the pleasure of experiencing. Dreams are really like a form of meditation that you can pretty much only enter from a state of deep sleep. When your awareness fades away, and you enter a deep enough sleep to produce a dream your dream will be centered around your inner desires, and fears. Whichever inner instinct wins out dictates whether, or not the dream will be a dream, or a nightmare. Nightmares may be scary, or even downright disturbing, but they are there to teach you something whether it be making you confront something you fear, or telling you about a problem you didn’t even know you had. Dreams, and nightmares are just blank mental landscapes that are formed, and molded by are will, and kna regardless of our awareness at that time. This makes your dreams of perfect place to perform, and use magick, along with receive messages. Before you can start committing magick in your dreams you must have enough awareness during your dreams so that you are able to stay conscious in them. Through practice, and discipline you will learn control of your dreams, you will learn how to interpret them, and use them in many ways you never thought you could.

The Dreamscape:

The dreamscape is the space in which we go to when we are dreaming. The dreamscape is the ladaqa, and is a mental space. This place can be freely controlled by your mind at any time. On the dreamscape one can consciously, and unconsciously create their desires, and fears. For people who learn the ability to lucid dream can control, and manipulate this space in any way they would like to while being completely conscious. This can make the space incredibly valuable to them for not only a source of entertainment, but a place to learn, and practice magick. You can use this place to perform spells, rituals, and communicate with Yamasa ona and skacaga ona. The dreamscape is a beautiful world that you probably already know, and have experienced. This world has been created by you, for you, and will always be a place for you to come, and relax while you recharge.

Controlling your dreams:

Controlling your dreams can be done in many ways from the inside, and the outside of the dream. Controlling your dreams from the outside will allow you to choose certain things to dream about even when your state of awareness is low in the dream state. These are like pre-settings before you dream, and will give you a pretty basic options to enhance your dreams in any way you would like. To use these dream settings you could do these things. The first thing you can do is state your intent while you drift off to sleep. All you need to do in this one is form an intention, and think about that intention. You can do this through the act of repeating a statement of intent, or through visualization of what you wish to experience once you have fallen asleep. The second thing you could do is make a sigil for the dream you would like to experience. Then you can charge it, and put it somewhere near your bed, or under your pillow. Putting certain things under your pillow can produce certain effects during sleep, in your dream , or even the next day. Things like if you put a quartz crystal under your pillow you will have a peaceful nights sleep, wake up earlier, and have more kna the next day. If you put a bay leaf, or lapis lazuli under your pillow you will have more dreams, and your dreams will be more vivid. If you ask to know your skacaga ona name, before you go to sleep you may receive it within your dreams.

Controlling your dreams from the inside can usually be achieved through being completely aware in your dream, which is referred to as lucid dreaming. One possible way you can induce lucid dreaming is to use your dreams settings that we discussed above and just add it to your statement of intent. Another way you could induce lucid dreaming is to do reality checks over the course of the day. Getting used to doing these checks will hopefully allow you to wake up your awareness during a dream by tricking yourself into reality checking during a dream. These checks do not have to be complicated. They can be as simple as looking at your hands to make sure that you have all your fingers, or trying to pinch yourself to see if it hurts. The ideas just to do something that gets your awareness back to you. You can also lucid dream through keeping your awareness while you fall asleep. To do this you must stay focused while falling asleep, and cannot hesitate even for a second, or this method will not work. Once lucid dreaming has been induced you will be completely aware of the fact that you are dreaming, and will be able to move free upon the Dreamscape. You’ll also be able to fully control what you experience, and encounter on this plane pretty much giving you a spiritual sandbox to play in. These techniques, and methods can be incredibly useful in helping you to gain control over your dreams, and allowing you to take the next step in working with your dreams on a spiritual level.

Dreaming to gain insight:

Dreams can be used to receive messages, and gain insight into your daily life. Residing in a place between worlds will allow you to communicate with the kna of the world you are not usually aware of. You can use dreams for this purpose just by being in a dream state where you are aware enough to ask for a certain insight into something. This will allow your will to be shot out into Oxakna where it can be answered by your skaknao. Your skaknao will steer your dream in the right direction to show you exactly what you need to know.

Interpreting your dreams can be done by looking up the meaning through a plethora of resources, but there is an easier way in which you just ask yourself one simple question “Why would I allow myself to have that experience?” Asking yourself this question, and then reflecting upon it can interpret all of your dreams. If used correctly it will interpret your dream on a more personal level. Using images, or symbols you find in dreams can be used as talismans for various different things.

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