The skaknao is every part of ourselves. All of the parts of the skaknao work together to form an individual, and all of these systems impact each other. All things have skaknao ona, and skaknao ona are physical, mental, and spiritual, and are the full scope of the individual as it is intersected within Oxakna.

Everything that is you is your skaknao, and everything that you are connected to is your skaknao. The skaknao is the intersecting parts of existence from which we find ourselves it is divine, and part of the Oneness of Oxakna. Oxakna in this case being existence, and the skaknao being a subsection of that existence, while still being part of existence. It is a subsection of Oxakna that gets its own identity, and label, much like a wave in the ocean, it is its own construct, but it is still part of the ocean. The skaknao is immortal, because it is more than your body, and will exist on many other constructs, individuals, and planes of existences. The skaknao begins at the spirit, and ends at your relative space of existence, and influence. Every concept of a construct, or entity has a skaknao, and the essence of an individual skaknao may overlap with another’s as beings blend into each other as they move through the existence.

The skaknao is physical, mental, and spiritual, and this is a useful trinity for understanding existence, magick, and health, along with many other aspects of existence. These share a very interesting relationship, and effect each other in many various ways. When there is something right, or wrong with one of these parts the entire system feels it, because of how closely connected all of these parts are to each other, and if one part of the individual is not working to the best of its ability, then the rest of the individual is also not.

All entities, and constructs have a skaknao, but have not connected to a quite yet. This connection can be facilitated by honoring the divine aspect of the individual as you would another divinity. Every individual has divinity inside of them, and because of that we are all divine. We ourselves are divine beings, gods in physical form. Though we do not understand our true authentic natures. This is a form of autotheism which is present inside of Viadescioism which works to allow the individual to recognize the divinity inside of themselves, and to honor it as well. This form of divine realization is not done in an egotistical way, and is instead as a way of understanding the aspect of you, and how you can connect into existence. The understanding of your divinity is not meant for you to demand worship, but it is to allow you to connect to your divine self by finding your aesthetic, value, connections, and what you have power over, in order to empower the whole of your being.

The uniqueness of individuals allows their essence to be expressed in very interesting ways especially when it is put to its maximum. Express your being and the potential of your dreams in it’s most essential form and honor it. You’re an aspect of existence connecting back to your divine nature pretty much through the understanding of what you are connected to. Create your own correspondences like you see the gods have so you can understand your true authentic self, and come into that shape.
Your skaknao is not separate from you, they are you, the real you. The one who is experiencing this life right now, the one who has experienced lives in the past, the one who will experience life in the future, and the one who is watching over all these existences, and is able to recall all this information. They are all you. There are many forms of you with many different experiences, that are all connected to your skaknao. Where your skaknao can learn from all of them. This makes your skaknao the one that holds your true essence. This is true, because you are always aligned with your Skaknao, and you are powerful, wise, and immortal, and can truly do anything you set your mind to.

Your Skaknao is also the one who has made your plan for you, and you have already chosen what you are going to do in this life, what your reason is for existing, some important decisions you are supposed to make, lessons you are supposed to learn, and experiences you are supposed to have. It is not all planed, and most of it is probably left up to fate. Your Skaknao is also in contact with all of your skacaga ona, and knows them on a very personal level. You are always connected to them, but all you really need to do is reconnect.

Sadaqa, The Body:

Sadaqa refers to the physical being of the material world, and is connected to our physical bodies. It is everything that you can feel and touch. It is what you see with your physical eyes, and it is the matter of everything in existence, that is present in this physical world. The Sadaqa is connected to the element of earth, which is dense, stable, and balance much like the physical world.

Ladaqa, The Mind:

Ladaqa is the mental activity, and is the place of ideas that give life to form. This level is the connection point between the Sadaqa, and Madaqa, and is the place where the raw kna of the Madaqa can be controlled into the physical forms of the Sadaqa. It is this connection that allows us to control kna, and allows us to manifest things from the Madaqa. Everything in existence is mental, and is taken in through the mental perception of consciousness. The Madaqa is connected to the elements of water, and air. This is because water has to do with emotions, and air has to do with thought, which are both constructs of the Ladaqa, and mental experience. The Ladaqa is active, and passive, and will switch between acting, and being.

Madaqa, The Spirit:

Madaqa is your connection to all things, and are the subtle threads that connect you. It is the essence of you that touches the rest of the world and allows the rest of the world to touch you. Madaqa is connected to the element of fire, because much like the heat, and light produced by fire it touches everything around it subtly marking the space with its being. Madaqa can be more open or closed, if the Madaqa is open kna will flow more smoothly, if the Madaqa is closed kna will not flow. If it is open too much you will become ungrounded, if it is close you will feel completely detached from everything else, because all of your connections will be momentarily shut down.

All 3 of these makeup existence and forms the many different aspects of the Skaknao. All of these are used in order to manifest the will on it’s related plane of existence, and must be controlled.


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