Kana are symbolic patterns that are used in the practices of Viadescioism. This understanding is close to the understanding of sigil magick, but it focuses more on an aesthetic pattern used in Viadescioic works to move kna around. There is an infinite number of kana, and each one represents a different form of kna and how it flows. By connecting these kana ona together, we end up with a powerful kana pattern that works with the kna in the area to bring forth magick and manifestation in the simplest of places. Kana is the kna of the universe crafted out from an individual’s divine self-expression marked and given purpose upon the forms. Each kana is associated with two forms of kna and are named after things within the existence.

To use kana ona, you must simply draw them out together within an intuitive design. Much like how you would for Kavaa, but instead of complete randomness, you would be using specific kana ona. Once it has been marked upon the surface, that surface will flow with the kna in, which is expressed by the kana ona, and your will. Such patterns can also incorporate arskasa ona and kavaa ona as their kna can increase their power. As long as the design is intact, the kna will move in that way, and it simply needs to be removed to undo its effect.

Here is a list of some of the more basic kana:

Kana of the rain | Brings forth the kna of cleansing and calmness

Kana of the bird | Brings forth the kna of knowledge and freedom

Kana of the trees | Brings forth the kna of growth and motivation

Kana of the thorns | Brings forth the kna of banishment and warding

Kana of the winds | Brings forth the kna of inspiration and wisdom

Kana of the pyramids | Brings forth the kna of ascension and spirituality

Kana of the earth | Brings forth the kna of strength and groundedness.

Kana of the vines | Brings forth the kna of binding and connection

Kana of the lightning | Brings forth the kna of power and kna

Here are some examples of kana:

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