Elemental Forms:

Elemental Forms Are combinations of the elements working together to form other constructs. These combination of elements interact in different ways in order to give form to all things and include all four elements laid out in different ways and in different amounts. Every construct has every single element present within them, but it is how they are layed out and interact with each other that gives them their specific forms as they flow into each other through waves.

First forms:

The first forms are the first constructs that are created from the combinations of the elements. These are not to be taken literally, and are more a metaphysical framework. Each combination is a different link that can be made while still expressing an Elemental nature which does not push back against each other. Both of the two elements nurture each other and because of that they are able to give birth to a different form. These form share a combination of the metaphysical properties of both of the elements that make up them.

Dashakna or wood is made from the combination of Earth and Water.

Shanakna or fog is made from the combination of Water and Air.

Naukna or lightning is made from the combination of Air and Fire.

Udakna or metal is made from the combination of Fire and Earth.

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