Transmutation is the process by which one form is converted into another. it is the changing up of the different Elemental kna aspects in which makeup a specific form in order to change it into something else. Transmutation is done through Rarefaction , and condensation. Rarefaction, and condensation are the transformation phases of the elements which go through the process of transforming one element into the other. Kna which makes up the elements is eternal, and immutable and because of this they cannot be created nor destroyed but is able to change its expression, and is dynamic, when the forces of condensation, and rarefaction act upon them.

These forces cause change, and movement. Rarefaction, and condensation are these two forces that are always interacting, and changing the state of the elements that make up the world, and because of this are seen as the forces of change, and motion in existence. By understanding these two forces you would be able to bring them into your understanding as a way to look at movement, and change within the elements, along with understanding how you could bring the elements together, and separate them apart.

Condensation makes the element heavier, slower, and cooler. Condensation is sometimes called creation or love. Condensation brings the elements together. Condensation is seen as this force pulling the elements together, which in turn would create substance, and because of this it is a force of attraction. After Condensation gets to a density beyond earth it explodes, becoming fire starting the cycle over again.

Fire – Air – Water – Earth

Rarefaction makes the element lighter, quicker, and hotter. Rarefaction is sometimes called destruction or hate. Rarefaction is seen as a force that would push the elements away, which in turn decomposes substances back into their separate elements, and because of this it is a force of repulsion. After Rarefaction gets to a density beyond fire it snaps back quickly becoming earth starting the cycle over again.

Earth – Water – Air – Fire

When love is at its extreme everything is compressed into a combined state, and when strife is at its extreme nothing can interact, and is separated from each other. Balance, and life in existence can only exist when love, and hate are not at their extremes. When hate gets too extreme love comes to pull everything back together, when love gets too extreme hate comes to separate it apart. All of these flow into each other in a very harmonic way which shows their connection, and their transmutation into each other.

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