When a skaknao dies, it experiences annihilation, and it is diffused into the world, but if the skaknao dies with unfinished business, in a very emotional way, or wants to continue living, they can become a echo. Every construct and entity leaves behind a small echo but it is only the stronger ones that are usually noticed.

Echo are shattered skaknao ona. They are Individuals whose minds, bodies, and Spirits have been separated but not completely broken and are still attached to a person, place, or thing which will then be considered haunted. What the skaknao is attached to will act as their body while they will retain a damaged form of the same mind and spirit they had while they were alive. echoes are usually pretty passive, but they can manifest spiritually and mentally around the thing they are connected to. They primarily act as echoes of the individual they used to be and are a snapshot of them upon their death.

The echo’s shattered connection cannot exist forever and will eventually dissolve. Practitioners of magick can also exorcise and banish echoes, releasing them and forcing them to dissolve by breaking their connection and sending them away. Interacting with the essence of somebody who has already died is interaction with there Echo.

spiritually they’re being lives on in their Echo and presents that can still be felt within the world in which they lived. in the hearts of the people in which they touched and upon the lips of anyone who knew them. but even this will Drift Away

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