Bibliomancy is a form of divination done through literature. The individual takes a random phrase or word from a text randomly and then uses that to interpret in answer to their question. It can be done with any form of text. Still, individuals usually choose holy books. It is essential to remember that the larger the text and more expansive the text, the better the answer will usually be as it will be able to communicate more effectively. Like all forms of divination, Bibliomancy works off of reading kna, and then the Divination tool is used to translate that interpretation to the user. The Divination tool is not inherently unique, so you can use any form of text. All you must do is pick up a form of text, ask your question out loud or in your head, then proceed to be guided to the first thing you place your finger upon, then interpret what that says against your question. It is a simple and effective method of divination that can be used anytime you have some form of literature. It is also discreet, so you can do it at any place you would like without drawing attention to yourself.

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