Adalama is the act of connecting, sensing, experiencing, and influencing the being of other individuals and constructs by expanding your kna so that it interacts with theirs. Adalama can be helpful to identify specific types of kna that are a part of people, places, or things. It is important to remember that Adalama is not only a spiritual process and is also a mental and a physical one, and by paying attention to all of these factors, one can gain insight. Because of this, it includes subtle sounds and vibrations, even the processes of induction and abduction. Adalama is the whole of all your senses as they extend outwards from you and the senses you give to others. It is your kna reading the knama of others. Knowing and learning to use Adalama can help you gain information on the world around you.

You do not have to be born with a divine gift to use this skill. You already possess it and use it, and you have to remember how to. All you have to do is be open to your experiences and learn how to progress. As long as you take time to progress its growth, you will be able to learn and use it to its full potential. Everybody has these skills to some extent, but they may not be proficient enough to get the full experience out of it and need to be exercised to allow you to perceive the world.

This technique will be incredibly useful on the rest of your magickal path because of the various situations you can use it in. It will allow you to tell the difference between different forms of kna based on how they feel and express themselves to you. Making it easier to build a strong connection to what you want so that you can work with it and identify it. It is used within Libratumilera to assist with healing by identifying specific kna within the skaknao.

Every kna has a different feeling to it. The skills to tell the difference between kna will not come overnight. It takes some training, but eventually, you will get it. You will eventually be able to differentiate between certain types of kna based on the feeling you get from these factors as you reach your skaknao out to them. How well-versed you are in this practice and how sensitive you are to feeling kna will determine what information you get and how much of it you will receive. The more you train the ability and the more that you become aware of kna and how it interacts with you, the better you will be at this.


This allows you to see kna with your inner eyes and perceive sites that you would never have seen without it. Through Adalama, you will receive images, colors, and visions that will allow you to interpret the kna around you to gain insight. What you may see while using Adalama is easy to interpret and understand because most entities are already very used to interpreting things with their eyes. Seeing something in your inter eye would look a lot like recalling a memory in your head, with how clear it is depending on the entity receiving it. This is an excellent skill to get the hang of if you are a visual person and will significantly improve how you experience your craft. Visualization will help you to better envision specific shapes and constructs in your mind’s eye. This will also allow your mind’s eye to be more open to seeing things in it and will significantly increase your Adalama because you are using your mind’s eye more. Always Pay attention to see if any images enter your mind so that you can try to interpret them.


Adalama allows you to hear kna through what I would like to call your mind’s ears. This will enable you to perceive noises, sounds, and other audio stimulants from the spiritual planes of existence. This will allow you to hear voices, audio cues, and maybe even kna itself if you become proficient enough in it. This is great for people who are verbal and need to hear things to gain insight easier. Experiencing this will sound like disembodied audible sounds, but with no discernible source, a lot like when you hear someone call your name. If you can learn to trust what you are hearing, you can communicate excellently with the entities around you. Sound awareness will make you more sensitive to the sounds around you, helping to progress your ability to hear and pick up on kna, usually unperceived sounds. Learn to try to feel into music. You can do this by listening closely to your favorite songs and trying to feel the kna behind them. Try to imagine sounds happening in your head. This will allow your magick ears to get more use to trying to hear sounds that are not there.


Adalama is also your ability to smell spiritually, and it’s like perceiving odors and fragrances that do not have any known source in your surroundings. This is an useful way to get your perception via smells you associate with other constructs or information. This process is not done with your physical nose but will still smell the same way. Through the interaction of these smells, you will gain insight into the information around you. Try to imagine smells appearing in your vicinity that are not presently there. Smell things, and see if you can get information on that thing you shouldn’t be able to. Pretty much what I’m saying is go out and smell things. Pay attention to any smells that come into your perception so that you can analyze them.


Adalama can be done by simply touching something. You can gain so much insight into the construct you are making contact with. Once you get good enough at Adalama, you won’t even have to touch the physical object to gain insight into its kna. All you would have to do is feel the kna around it. This can be done with any part of your body but primarily with your hands. Feel the kna around you with a touch can help you in your craft by being an efficient way to feel kna. Taking different objects into your hand while trying to feel into them is a great way to train and hone your skills with Adalama. Pass your hand over objects, and see if you can get a sense of where they have been or the kna they produce.


Adalama is also the ability to spiritually taste things, even if they do not reside in your physical mouth. If you know how to taste things in the mind, and from this experience, you will be able to gain insight into the kna that you are tasting. In your mind, try to taste people’s kna to see if you can tell the difference in its flavors, essence, and substance. Whenever you taste something, try to focus on that taste to get used to the sense of taste.


Adalama is also the sense that will allow you to feel into information and read it just from the feelings you are getting, without any other stimulus tipping you off to that information. In this practice, you are feeling the information straight, you get no other signs, but you know it. This is a way to sense the world around you. Learning to trust your gut is a very important part of Adalama. You can learn to differentiate between the information you create versus the information that comes to you via your perception. It is also very important to be aware of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings to gain insight into them and your world. With Adalama, you can pick up on everything an entity may feel. It is a profound personal insight that allows you to experience things from others’ perspectives, at least in an emotional sense.

The process of Adalama:

1) First, you want to find a person, place, or thing that you would like to read the kna of. This can be anything you can focus upon, even if it is not in your immediate vicinity. This can be anything that exists physically, spiritually, or even mentally.

2) You will need to get into a meditative state, center, and ground next. Then begin to focus on the entity or construct that you have selected. You may want to do a kavaa speech or movement to will your kna towards the target. You could also Place a hand upon the divinity you want to read into and close your eyes. You would also be able to go through calling out its name to focus on it. While you do this process, it is important to instill its being within your mind.

3) Say “La,” and see yourself connecting with the kna. Then Say the word “Kna,” focusing on the kna, and visualize it in your mind’s eye as strongly as possible. Visualize yourself coming in contact with that construct or entity, and pay attention to how your visualization feels and changes.

4) Say the word “O” meaning ascendancy, and see the kna begin to glow in your mind’s eye. Say the word “Yamasa,” meaning divine, and after saying this, try to see if you get any impressions from the kna you have been focusing on. It may take a moment for it to appear to you, but you will be able to experience it within your mind’s eye. Now stick in the state and see if you can’t feel anything. It may feel like pressure or tingling or could even be some form of emotion. You’re looking for changes in your being now that it is connected to the other construct, whether they come physically, mentally, or spiritually. In this process, you need to listen to your divine nature so that you can interpret what you’re becoming. This kna message can be translated by you into usable information. This information can show itself in many different ways, so be ready to receive any sign that may be explaining some information to you.

5) Once you are done feeling into the construct, all you have to do to stop is to cut off the flow of kna that you are pushing at it, then center and ground. Then you will be able to go along with your day.

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