Knama is the aura of being. It is the pressure an individual sends out from themselves from simply being and is their kna interacting with the rest of the space. Every Skaknao has one of these things, regardless of if they are a person, place, or thing, and it is its presence that is felt around it. Knama extends from the individual Skaknao and touches other Skaknao ona. It is not a bubble around a person as much as it is our lines to that entity or construct physically, mentally, and spiritually and the pressure it puts upon us. The physical knama ends where physical parts of that Skaknao end, the mental knama ends when our mind is not focused upon them, and the spiritual knama ends when the individual is not connected to that Skaknao. Knama is stronger in proximity, but the power of that proximity will increase with the kna of the individual who is giving it off. The stronger the Kna, the stronger the knama. They are not seen as much as they are felt, and because of this, They are more of a force than a fluid. Knama is importantly understood in practices of Libratumilera or divination as both of these practices usually rely on Adalama, which is sensing or connecting to kna.

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