The Awakened strive for knowledge and wisdom of existence, and the divines and the sleeping act within the roles of their incarnation. They are two sides of the same coin and exists in harmony. Existence wants to live and does not always want to be examined. Not all emanations of Oxakna will see the esoteric side of nature or strive for xaoxa, and they are not lesser for doing so. Existence exists and must be experienced, and the process of understanding that existence may get in the way of that experiencing. There are many roles in which all emanations play, much like the roles in a performance. An individual actor does not have to be aware of all of the inner workings and has to play their part, for it would bring unnecessary stress for them to worry about all the other aspects. They might eventually see the cycle existence is playing, but their immersion should not be broken. Not everyone needs to know the rules and should live, for this is why some should remain sleeping. 

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