Udakna ona or incantation stones are usually marked smooth stones, traditionally painted with a sigil and arskasa ona about a specific intention. These stones are then used to focus ones kna upon that intention while touching the stone and usually chanting the arskasa ona that lay upon it. They are not magickal in themselves but produce the ability to focus significantly one’s power towards a specific goal. Anyone can make these stones, and smooth stones are usually used because they are easy to manage. Arskasa ona are chosen that correspond with the intention of what the practitioner is trying to bring forth, and then these are placed on one side of the stone. The other side of the stone has a sigil created from these Ravens’ combined forms, giving the stone a unique symbol to identify itself. Both of these markings are usually painted onto the stone using specific colors related to the intention. Once everything has dried, the stone is then taken into the hands. The individual focuses on the intention that the stone was made for and begins to visualize it coming true during this process, the individual will chant the Ravens that were placed upon the stone. This will focus the kna of that individual mentally and spiritually into a physical form so that it can manifest using all of the power given to the stone. The individual’s power, along with the power of the Arskasa ona, brings forth the desired outcome. Because of this, the individual can choose to give the stone power whenever they are trying to force that change and can even go through the process of carrying it with them to do it throughout the day. It’s a good way of making your intentions have a physical form to remind you and push you towards what you would like to bring forth while also moving your power towards that goal to manifest it.

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