Body sigils can be powerful tools in your arsenal as they can be very effective ways of using sigils. A body sigil is any sigil that has been either tattooed, or drawn upon the body. The placement of the sigil allows it to work with you on a very personal level pretty much becoming integrated into your life as it exists upon your skin. This connection can be used to facilitate its effectiveness in your life.

Mostly all body sigils are passive sigils, and will release their kna over time, while they are connected to your body. Though you can go through the process of placing a sigil upon your body that will be activated actively through its eventual removement after performing some charging process. In order to actively activate it you would have to go through the process of destroying, and removing it from your skin by washing away what you drew the sigil with, or by interrupting the natural design of the sigil by crossing it out. By placing a sigil trigger on a body sigil one will be able to activated once it has built up kna, and is ready to release that kna at a specific point. This is a very dynamic way in order for you to store kna in specific intentions upon your skin until you are ready to release them. Sigil triggers like saying a specific word, or tapping upon that sigil you would like to activate will allow it to start releasing its kna, and this process could be used in any situation where you would need some extra help from that intention.

Any form of written sigil can be placed upon your body, but you would most likely want that sigil to be for something that would be able to help you in your personal life, or in the environments in which you frequent. It would also be a good idea to make sure it is a beneficial sigil for the body that it is placed upon. Sigil with negative intentions should not be placed upon the skin unless you are looking to curse the one that it is placed upon. Sigil placement upon the body can also be very beneficial depending upon where you decide the place the sigil. Every single body part has its own metaphysical properties that can be used in order to give more kna to the sigil and provided with different meaning. Below is a list of different body parts and their metaphysical properties that could help influence the intention of your sigil:

Head: Knowledge, creativity, confidence, spirituality
Neck: Balance, Communication, self-expression
Shoulder : Strength, determination
Arm: Strength, protection, justice, success
Hand: Action
Chest: Emotions, Love, Self-esteem
Stomach: kna, Power
Back: Strength
Hip: Love, Sexuality
Leg: Movement, stability
Foot: Grounding, stability, security, survival

Placement can be a very important part of placing a sigil upon your body, and working sigil magick effectively. Though it does depend on what type of outcome you are trying to manifest from your sigil magick working and how you can best use your body to maximize your effectiveness.

Sigil placement is a very important understanding in the effective use of body sigils. Allowing the sigil to even be in a visible spot upon your body, or a non-visible spot would allow the sigil to interact with the environment and your state of being in different ways. Allowing people to interact with the sigil in a visible spot upon your body would allow others to give your sigil kna. This would allow the sigil to charge off of their interaction allowing it to work better for you. You would also be able to charge it through your interaction with it, and by recognizing its presents on your body, so allowing you to be able to see it also on your body could also give it the kna that it needs, while also reminding you of your intentions. Most often these sigil are simply charged through the act of being seen, or simply through the act of using a person’s personal kna to emkna the sigil.

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