First, and foremost viadescioists are elementalists, and because of that we use the four classic western elements heavily within our practice, and this gives birth to Viadescioic elementalism which refers to the understanding that the elements play an important part in shaping the existence through their relationship with each other. The elements are expressions of kna as it expresses, and kna can choose to express as fire, water, earth, or air. These four expressions are the elements, and The four elements of fire, air, water, and earth makes up the world in a metaphysical way. Where different parts of constructs, and entities are related to certain elemental aspects, and the elemental processes are fundamental metaphors for working with external, and internal forces.

Ukna the fire, nakna the air, shakna the water, and dakna the earth are the building blocks of existence in a more so metaphysical sense. They correspond to the aspects of the tetrad which separates the world into its main four parts, and they are aligned with the yamasa ona of Uknayamasa, Naknayamasa, Shaknayamasa , and Daknayamasa the divines of the elements.

Understanding these elements can help you build an understanding of the world through elemental means, so that you will be able to keep harmony. The concept of harmony of these elements, and understanding their interaction is what shapes the world and all that we see. The harmony between these elements makes up who we are. It creates the foundation for our existence, it gives us an understanding of ourselves through an elemental lens. We are shaped by these elemental forces. We are made up of them, just as they are made up of us.

All of these elements have their own kna ona, and metaphysical associations that you will be able to bring into your working in order to empower your practice with the power of the elements. They are metaphysical components that represent the fundamental substances out of which all things are made, and their interactions with one another create everything in our existence.

The kna ona of The elements have many different metaphysical correspondences that can be invoked through working with them. These correspondences are made possible to us by the very nature of the elements. By understanding their inherent properties, we are able to work with them in a way that allows for a better relationship to form. Any construct that you can think of is made metaphysically out of these different elemental concepts, and these different aspects of them can be looked at to examine their elemental properties in order to see what they correspond to. This is the essence of where elemental correspondences come from.

By bringing fire, water, air, and earth elements into certain situations you will be able to strengthen aspects of that situation by allowing the elements to be present. This can be good to empower yourself, or you’re working when you need a specific kna to be brought into your life.

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