Sigil making utensils are constructs that are used to make physical representations of sigils. These utensils can be used in order to empower your sigil during the construction of their physical representations. These utensils can be any object that can be used to create a sigil’s physical representation such as pens, pencils, knives, chisels, and wands, along with many other things. These items are blessed, or enchanted with kna, so that they can empower what they are going to help create. These sigil making utensils will be endowed with metaphysical properties that will add kna to your sigil before they are even charged by a charging method. These tools will also allow you to enter an altered state of consciousness whenever you interact with them, because you will mentally build up associations between the tool, and your magickal working. This will allow your mind to associate some magickal acts with the tool itself instilling an altered state of consciousness in your mind whenever you interact with that tool. These things will allow a sigil making utensil to increase the effectiveness of your sigil magick.

How to make Sigil Making Utensils:

First you’re going to need to find an utensil that you would want to use to construct your sigils. Once you have the utensil you can then begin the process of empowering it through different sources in order to give it kna to use in your working.

One way that you would be able to do this is to call upon an entity that you are connected to, such as a yamasa, skacaga, skaqa, or some other form of entity. Any entity will do as long as you have a good connection to them, and they are willing to help you out. Call upon them and ask them to bless and empower your sigil making utensil, so that their kna can be present in helping you with your working through the use of the tool.

You are also able to empower the tool through the use of your own kna both spiritually, and mentally by simply focusing upon it, and visualizing your essence going within it. This will allow your kna to go within the tool to be stored up for later, and to work through your intention of empowerment. This will also allow you to mentally associated the object with its purpose, empowering it in your consciousness, and the collective consciousness. These things will help give the tool kna in your working, so that it will be able to empower your sigils, when you go through the process of using it.

Another way that you would be able to empower your sigil making utensils would be to create, charge and activate sigils upon it, so that those sigils would be able to imbued that object with their kna. For this process you would want to use sigils that have the intention of providing empowerment, blessings, or some other type of property that you would like to give your tool to help you with in your sigil making practice.

Now that your sigil making utensils has been created you will now be able to use it in order to create your sigil representation.

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