When you are using your sigils in the most effective manner possible it is important to take into consideration sigil placement. Positioning sigils in different places can allow them to affect, and manifest their intended intentions in different ways. Such things as distance from the target there trying to affect, and if people can see, or interact with it simply can bring new variables into your manifestation process that you may have not planned for. By understanding certain ways of placing your sigils depending upon its intention you will more greatly have control over your sigils manifestation. These understandings are really only used for passively activated sigils, because they will stay around in certain positions, and because of this will be relative to other things in the environment, which will interact, and impact them. The kna of a Sigil is released from the center outwards, starting with the sigil its self, then what is placed upon, and finally moving on to what is surrounding it. This kna is then sent out to its target, so that it can manifest your will.

Depending upon where the sigil is placed can determine its sigil surroundings, and can affect aspects of it such as its metaphysical properties, its target, the sigils triggers, and available charging methods for the sigil. All of this stuff can be override it by the main intention of the sigil, and will only act upon its placement if it is not specified in its statement of intent, because of this if you would like to avoid interacting with certain sigil placements all you would have to do is specify that in the sigils intention. This works because the sigils programming gets laid out first in the statement of intent, and this acts as the core main programming of the sigil and cannot be overrided, but can be built upon by the sigil surroundings.

It is important when thinking about sigil placement to think of a spot where the sigil will be able to accomplish its tasks without being disturbed, while also being charged with kna, and in good proximity to the target, or a taglock of the target. This will definitely change based on intention, so it is important to find what is the best plan for the sigil that you are using.

The sigil should be as close as possible to the target that they are trying to affect. This is so that the kna of the sigil can travel less of a distance, and can connect more with what it is affecting. This allows it to use less kna, and to manifest itself more effectively through the ways in which it is connected to the target. Proximity to the target, or to a taglock of the target is very important, because this allows the sigil to interact with that target, so that the kna of the sigil knows where to go.

Everything that is around the sigil will also provide it metaphysical properties, and intentions that can change different aspects of it, and can severely change the way that your sigil is manifesting. Because of this, it is very important to pay attention to the sigil surroundings and sigil placement. Even such things as colors, and materials that your sigil is drawn next to, or upon can change the way it behaves. Other sigils, and symbols that are around your sigils will also affect your sigil by adding on to its intention with their own.

Sigil Visibility:

When thinking about sigil placement you would also want to think about if you would like people, or yourself to see the sigil, or not. Both of them have their advantages, and disadvantages depending upon different situations. By having your sigil in a visible spot anybody who sees it, or interacts with it will be able to be influenced by it more easily, and will also give it kna. This will allow it to be greatly active, and to also continue gaining charge from whoever comes in contact with it. Even if people do not know they are seeing or interacting with it they will still be giving it kna. Though because the sigil is visible other people will know that the sigil is present, and may try to go through the act of getting rid of it, or countering your magick, if that is their desire. If you do not want to have your sigil visible you can always hide it just out of sight, so that it will be in the vicinity of what it is trying to effect, but will be more discreet in the process. If it is done this way it cannot simply rely on people’s interactions to give it kna, and must have some form of kna source to fuel it’s continuous activation.

Sigils in public:

By placing sigils in public areas you will be able to influence the area, and the people within it no matter if your sigil is visible, or not. If your sigil is visible it will imprint in people’s minds, and will be taken with the mentally, though the sigil will have a higher chance to be tampered with. They do not have to be willing in order for this imprint of the sigil to enter their mind, they just have to be present.

Sigil Power Source:

Finding a place where your sigil will be able to be charged by you, or by some other source of kna is very important, because without kna your sigil will not be able to operate. If it is nearby to you, and readily available without any need to be discreet then you would be a perfectly fine charging method for the sigil, and would only have to come back to it every once in awhile to give it kna through some form of charging method, if it is not open to you then it would be a good idea to find a different charging source that can be done without you needing to be involved. Sigils that are placed next to active, or moving constructs, or entities will be able to draw on kna from those actions charging the sigil for its activation. otherwise it would be a good idea to use items that emit kna such as crystals.

Body Sigils:

Sigils place on the body will charge from the person’s natural kna, and will be able to remain constantly active. This is perfectly safe, and this most likely will not provide significant mental, spiritual, or physical drain to the person. The sigil may take on different metaphysical properties depending upon where it is placed on the body, and it may help the versatility of certain sigils if they are placed in certain spots. Keeping sigils on your body, or near to it will allow you to take that sigil, and its kna into your life. This would also allow the sigil to be completely accessible to you at all times of the day giving you great control over your manifestation process.

Sigil Empowerment:

Sigils that are placed on specific items can affect those items by enchanting them with their kna. This could be done by simply having the sigil with you on a piece of paper, or it could be done by having a sigil drawn or tattooed on your skin. Sigils that are used this way can be used to make amulets, tailsmans, and other enchanted items through the act of simply placing sigils upon items that you want to enchant.

Sigil to Sigil:

Sigil placement must also be thought relative to other forms of the same sigil representation. Sigils that are the same are inherently connected to each other, and do share kna in some way between each other. This direct line between two of the same sigils also carry its kna, and these lines of kna can be used to set up perimeters, and areas that can be influenced by the sigils.

Sigil directions:

Which way the sigils are facing can play a big part in how they release their kna, and how it manifests. All the different directional orientations have metaphysical properties that go along with them, and will affect your sigils manifestation, because of this it is a very good idea to have in mind the different aspects of these directions, and how they may go about affecting your working. Sigils get there right side up by the way in which they were created, and intended to face, and this will determine which way they are pointing.

The cardinal directions usually have very dynamic metaphysical properties that are related, and connected to aspects of the environment around the area. Depending upon what is in that specific direction will determine what form of kna will be added to your sigil. If your sigil is facing the east, and the ocean is in that direction your sigil will bring in the kna of the ocean into its manifestation, because of this it is important to know your surroundings when putting down sigils. You may also have personal associations with each direction, or associations from your specific tradition that may also be useful to uses when you are placing down your sigils. Sigils that are facing the cardinal directions can be made upon a horizontal surface.

Sigils that are upright, or right facing represent their base natural properties, and are able to be charged, and activated in order to be used for these properties. This is the primary way that most sigils will be use. Sigils that are inverted, or left facing bring out the reversed form of their properties, and allow the sigils to be used for the exact opposite of what they were created for. For Sigil to be written in this orientation they must be placed upon a vertical surface.

Sigils, and Colors:

Different colors have different metaphysical properties, which sigils can incorporate to be more powerfully associated with their intentions. You could even go through the process of incorporating a couple of these colors into the sigils design in order to double up on certain metaphysical properties. This would definitely give your sigils another aspect to draw from in helping you to manifest your desire, and could be something very useful if you take the time to understand how to use it properly in you’re working. In order to incorporate these colors all you would have to do is create a sigil representation upon a surface that is that color, or create the sigil in that color. Doing either of these would allow the sigil to act upon the metaphysical properties of the color used in order to help manifest your desire. Because of all this it would be a good idea to match the metaphysical properties of colors to the sigils that you are using, such as a love sigil being done in red, or pink, or a sigil for money being done in green, or gold. You could even use multiple colors if you wanted to.

Here is a list of basic colors, and their properties:

Red: Action, Combat, Passion, kna, Will, Vitality, Power, Strength, Aggression, Courage, Health, Confrontation ,Conflict, Sexuality, Love, Health, Lust, Anger, Determination, Danger, Desire, Leadership, Self-Confidence, Fertility, Revenge, Resentment, Courage, Frustration, Survival.

Blue: Communication, Calming, Understanding, Patience, self-awareness, Focus, Justice, Organization, Will Power, Guidance, Protection, Loyalty, Logic, Tranquility, Peace, Order, Dignity, Forgiveness.
Yellow: Imagination, Inspiration, Intellect, Memory, Optimism, mental clarity, happiness, Learning, Concentration, Travel, Change, Progress, Alertness, Focus, Anxiety.

Green: Abundance, Acceptance, Fertility, Envy, Greed, Growth, Healing, Luck, Prosperity, Success, Love, Balance, Nature, Rejuvenation, Nurturing, Peace, Hope, Beginings, Change, Jealousy.
Purple: Wisdom, Spiritual Power, Clarity, Connection to Divine self, Spiritual Guidance, Knowledge, Intuition, Enlightenment, Divinity, Royalty, Spiritual Communication, Honor, Respect, Royalty, Inner Peace, Security, Sensitivity, Spiritual Awareness, Tranquility, Spirituality.

Orange: Creativity, Attraction, Motivation, Harmony, Encouragement, Justice, Ambition, Pride, Self-Expression, Vitality, Emotions, Kindness, Sociable, Comfort, Action, Justice, Home.
Indigo: Divination, Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Power, Insight, Enlightenment, Intelligence, Spirituality, Wisdom, Knowledge, Intuition, Watchfulness, Meditation.

Pink: Compassion, Healing, Love, Romance, Friendship, Joy, Self Love, Softness, Romance, Youth, Health, Peace, Affection, Embarrassment.

Brown: Construction, Stability, Animals, Grounding, Steadfastness, Stability, Simplicity, Dependability, Nature, Decay, Concentration, Balance, Construction, Fertility.

Black: Banishing, Unknown, Absorbing, Death, Grounding, Protection, Reversing, Restriction, Cursing, Binding, Releasing, Darkness, Mystery, Depression, Fear, Rebirth, Obstacles, Endings, Restriction.

Grey: Loneliness, Knowledge, Wisdom, Transformation, Balance, Neutral, Stillness, Doubt, Uncertainty, Confusion, Lore, Wisdom, Knowledge.

White: Enlightenment, Protection, Purification, Truth, Unity, Cleansing, Balance, Innocence, Wisdom, Freedom, Oneness, Nothingness, Beginnings, Lightness, Divinity, Exorcism.

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