Before you can go through the process of creating a sigil you must have your intention well-thought-out. This is usually done by writing a statement of intent that will be used in order to understand what the intention of the sigil will be. In some sigil methods this statement will be used directly in order to create the sigil. There are ways to go about creating a very clear statement of intent, so that you will be able to bring forth what you are intending in a very accurate, and precise way. There are some things that you should focus on while making these intentions that will allow them to be the most effective they can be.

Try not to use negations:

Statements of intention should usually not include negations. Negation words contradict, or denies the rest of the statement usually resulting in switching the entire meaning of the statement. These are words like “not”, “no”, “never”, “none” and “nobody”. This is because the subconscious mind has the potential to skip over them manifesting the opposite of what you want, because it does not recognize the negation, and will focus on the rest of the statement. It’s a lot like when you tell someone not to think about something, and they begin to think about it. Like if someone told you not to think about a car, the idea of car will be presently focused on in your mind, instead of anything besides the concept of car. Which is not the best thing to have in a statement of intention where we are supposed to be focusing on what we want to manifest. Practitioners have been known to get around, or to use statements with negations, and have gotten results from it, though it is probably better to avoid them, if you can.


Statements of intent should also usually be written in present tense. This is so that you can portray your intention as if you already have it allowing it to be more of an affirmation, and will allow you to focus on what you want, rather than getting what you want. Practitioners have found that writing it in past tense, and future tense does still work, though writing it in present tense has been known to be one of the more effective methods of aligning the intention to what you want. You should not use the word “will” in your statements of intent, but you should much rather use words such as “Am”, “Do”, and “Have”. The word “will” communicates that it will take place in the undetermined future, which is not what we want, we want to manifest it in the here, and now.


It is also very important to keep your statement of intent grounded, and broad, this will give your intention more room to manifest, and to work within the probability of manifesting what you want to bring forth. Things that don’t have a high probability of manifesting on their own usually don’t make very good intentions, because of how much kna they would take to manifest. It is also very important to not keep your intention to broad, because manifestation will take the path of least resistance when it comes to manifesting what you want to set forth, which could end up manifesting something that you don’t want, or manifesting the smallest amount of what you want. It is important to find a healthy medium between broad, and specific, so that you can find the perfect medium to help you bring forth what you want to manifest allowing your desire to come to you in the most sought after way.

Statements of intent for specific types of sigils:

  • These ways above are usually used to write statements of intent for desire sigils, and will allow you to make clear statements of intend for those types of sigils.
  • Statements of intent for name sigils are simply just the name that you want them to represent, so that they can be crafted around the association, and kna of that name.
  • Statements of intent for correspondence sigils are the names of the object you want to be represented, much like the statement of intent for name sigils.
  • Statements of intent for linking sigils can be as simple as “sigils of this kind are linked together”, or anything else that articulates the intention of being connected to other representations of itself.
  • Combination sigils’ statements of intent can simply be multiple statements of intention combined together that portrays two, or more sigil intentions.

It is important to take time with this statement of intent creation process because this is the focus of everything else that you are going to be doing. If you want to manifest your desire correctly and effectively it is imperative that you build a very clear, and thorough statement of intent to represent all that you want to bring forth into your reality. You will get better at this process as you do it, and will eventually be able to create very masterful statements of intent, so continue to practice writing down what you intend, until it becomes second nature.

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