There are many ways to go about attaching a sigil to their target through the use of taglocks, and magickal links. These methods can be incredibly helpful when trying to get an effect to manifest itself upon another. By understanding the process of how to create such bonds between sigils, and their targets you will be able to make strong connections that will be able to effect whatever you want them too.

You are able to make your statement of intent with a name, or target in mind, so that your sigil when charged, and activated will affect that person, place, or thing. All you would have to do in order to work it in to your statement of intent would be to put the name, or target within it with the rest of the statement affecting it. It would be something like “Tom is having a good day. ” or “My book has sold a lot of copies.” Simply by doing this you will connect the sigil that is created from the statement of intent to target a specific construct, or entity. You are able to use the name of any specific entity, or construct in order to target it. You can do this by putting it in the statement of intent like we discussed earlier, or you could even simply write the name in the vicinity of the sigil. You could also use a picture in order to target an entity or construct by simply drawing the sigil near to a picture, or on top of it. Certain objects that are associated, or connected to the target could also be used such as a piece of the target, or something the target has come in contact with. The sigil would only have to be placed near to the objects, or on top of, or below it in order to connect to them, and the target. You could even use a name sigil in order to target a specific thing with your sigil. You would want to link the name sigil, and the desires sigil together in some form of way to do this you could use a big circle around both of the sigils, or you could put two small circles around both of the sigil, and draw a line connecting both of the circles. It may also be a good idea to incorporate an arrow upon the line to direct the kna of the desire sigil, so the name sigil cannot affect the desire sigil. You could also go through the process of connecting the sigil to a linking sigil, so that the linking sigil could come in contact with your Target and would be the link between it and your magick.

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