A chaos Matrix is a large interconnected grid of sigils that go about giving the practitioner control over a large area so that they can manifest their desire within that area. it is done through the act of creating multiple sigils to place at the perimeter of the area then creating a chaos sphere that goes through the process of linking all of those sigils to one specific location. The chaos sphere is then interacted with in order to send out one’s will out into the rest of the area to manifest.

In order to do this process you’re going to have to create at least three linking sigils and place them on the perimeter of the area you which two cast magick over. the more linking sigils you have the more you will be able to Define the perimeter in which you want to have power over. You are usually able to do this by placing the sigils on other items that will not wither away. once that is complete do you want to place a copy of a sigil on another small surface usually the exact way in which you have placed the items on the perimeter. Next you have to go through the process of activating the sigil grid by charging the and activating the chaos sphere. This will go through the process of starting the chaos Matrix. Once the chaos Matrix is up and running you are able to use your will by focusing, and meditating on the chaos sphere in order to send that will out into that area to manifest. Anything that you send with the chaos sphere will project its kna over the area. Because of this it can also be important to set up a form of guardian in the form of a spirit or skaqa by asking that entity to watch over your chaos Matrix.

You will be able to control the chaos Matrix as long as you control the chaos sphere even if the chaos sphere leaves the area. It is also important that all of the perimeter sigils remain intact so that the chaos Matrix is able to affect those locations. if enough of the perimeter sigil are destroyed then the chaos Matrix will no longer operate correctly. A Chaos sphere can be a wonderful addition to an individual’s sigil altar and can be a place where an individual could lay down his sigils on top of in order to affect a specific area.

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