This process of forgetting sigils is less about forgetting about the sigil completely, or the intention of the sigil when you activate them, and is more about not focusing on the sigil once you have sent it out to manifest, so that it will be able to do its job unhindered. Thinking about the sigil after it has been activated will influence the manifestation with your will, which may make it manifest in ways that you do not want it to, or make it more ineffective by not allowing it to work properly.

Forgetting the sigil completely is not necessary, but allowing it space to work is going to be very beneficial for it, and all you have to do in order to do this is to not focus on it obsessively after you have sent it out. This will usually be done after the activation process though some practitioners go through the act of forgetting the sigil’s intention completely, after the representation has been created. Going so far as to forget what the sigil is supposed to be for, so that they can go through the process of charging, and activating a sigil they do not know the purpose of, allowing them to send it out without any way of allowing their conscious mind to interact with it.

It is also possible not to forget the sigil at all, and to instead focus, so heavily upon the sigil’s intention through constant sustained focus that you do not end up changing the sigil with your will allowing it to still work without leaving it alone. This process of forgetting the sigil, or much rather leaving it alone, so that it can work is an important step to manifesting your will through the medium of sigils, and can make your sigils more effective if you learn how to use it properly.

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