The Ravens, or Arskasa, or Arskasa ona for plural, are skaqa entities that can be invoke by charging, and activating their sigils. Each one of these Arskasa ona has its own name, personality, associations, and sigil. Learning to work with the Arskasa ona can help bring certain Kna into your life. You can also use there sigils to make other sigils that would help be empowered by the Arskasa ona.

One can call upon the kna of whatever raven they specifically want to invoke by writing out the sigil of that raven, or by chanting, or pronouncing out the name of the raven. That will bring the kna of that raven to your side allowing them to aid you in whatever you want to manifest. They can do this by adding Kna to your spells, and rituals, or by simply going forth, and acting out your will. In order to do this one may call upon the raven they request aid from, and declare their desire to that kna, so that when they activate, or send out their intention the kna of the raven can go forth, and add to it. These sigils do not necessarily have to be charged, because they hold kna from many previous magickal interactions, but by charging the ravens’ sigils you will be able to add more kna into your magickal working allowing it to have more kna to manifest with. These sigils will be able to be activated through active activation by calling upon a raven, and sending them out. A way you can do this is by drawing the sigil, telling the sigil what you want either through charging it with kna that represent what you want to bring forth, or by simply speaking, or thinking your intention, and then destroying the sigil, so that it can be released, and bring forth your desire. You could also go through the act of passive activation by placing a raven’s sigil in a place where you would want the kna to be able to permeate your life, or be close to what you want it to affect in order to help you achieve your desire. In this process you may also tell it what you want, so that it can focus better on manifesting what you are looking for.

Combining the kna of the ravens together:

Multiple ravens can be called upon at the same time, so that their kna can work together. This can be used to increase the overall effectiveness of the ravens by allowing them to work together, and to create new and interesting kna. In order to allow them to work together all you have to do is invoke them together, and then go through the same process of activating them just like you did when it was just one raven. Different combinations of kna is will allow the ravens to work towards different types of desires. It’s all about choosing the right ravens for the job, so you can allow them to manifest what you want. In order to learn these different combinations you will probably have to learn the different aspects of each Raven and how they work, so that you will be able to use them to better manifest certain kna.

Some examples of the raven’s coming together to form different kna:


How to make arskasa ona tailsmans:

Arskasa ona tailsmans are a combination of ravens from the alphabet of desire the ravens of antimony strung together in order to form a combination sigil, that will be able to be used in order to manifest desires. These tailsmans allow you to easily bring together the different ravens from the ravens of antimony paradigm to manifest your intentions, and desires into the world.

In order to do this first you will need to figure out what you want to manifest. this is pretty much setting forth your intention, and will allow you to pick the right Ravens in order to manifest your goal. Just like any other form of intention for Magick this can be pretty much anything as long as it can be manifested with magick. Once you have thought of your intention you can begin picking ravens for the job. Every Raven has its own meaning, and kna and which it represents. By picking the ravens that match up with your intention, and are in a specific order in which reminds you of your intention, will allow these Ravens to work for you in the most effective way possible.

Once you have chosen which raven’s you would like to use, and in what order you would like to use them write them down together on some form of surface with a utensil. Now take time to tell the ravens your intention, and to push your will into it. Since the Ravens of antimony have built up a good amount of kna over time, and are skaqa ona which hold their own being, you would not need to go through the process of charging them with kna, though it would be a good idea to give them kna in order to help manifest your desire, and as a nice offering for helping you.

You are simply able to tell the arskasa ona tailsman that you are ready for it to start working in order to begin the manifestation process. You could do this simply by relating the intention in your head, or by saying it out loud. You would also be able to speak the names of the Ravens in the order that you have selected in order to invoke the kna that the tailsman represents with your voice. Then all you would have to do is keep the tailsman around with you, or as close as possible to what it is affecting. The Ravens of antimony will use this tailsman as a base in order to act out your desire into the world though you could also go through the process of creating a representation of the tailsman, and destroying it in order to invoke the ravens, and their power towards that situation.

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