Once a sigil design has been made it can be reused as many times as you would like by yourself, or by other people. Some sigils you only ever use once, and others will be reused over and over again. Sigil representation after sigil representation can be created, and use in order to manifest the desire the sigil has been created for. Reusing sigils actually helps to build up the kna, and overall effectiveness of the sigil that is being reused.

The more that something is associated with an intention the more strongly associated, and connected that thing will be to it. Because of this, everyone who interacts with, uses, sees, or knows about a sigil, the stronger that sigil becomes, because of its frequent use. Building up stronger over time as people use it, and associate it with its properties.

This can result in a sigil reaching a point in which they do not need to be charged, because they have taken on kna from practitioners that have used it in the past, and are already greatly associated with their intentions spiritually and mentally. These types of sigil only need to be activated in order to manifest their intention.

All sigils are able to be reproduced by recreating the sigil representation again, because of this you are able to use any sigil that you are able to find, and charge, and activate in order to use it in your own working. You do not need to make the sigils a hundred percent exact, when you are going through the process of recreating it. It just has to be close enough to the original design to be recognized as that sigil. This is so that your mind can recognize it, and so that the spiritual kna of the sigil will be exact. This allows an individual to stylize a sigil’s physical representation without the sigil taking on any other form of metaphysical property that may not be intended. All sigils can be recreated with traditional art utensils, or you would even simply be able to copy them with photography, or with the copier, and both of these sigils would still be able to be used. Sigils that have multiple physical representations are linked together which is where we gain the understanding of linking sigils from, which can be incredibly helpful, if you know how to use them.

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