Sigils can be charged by other people’s awareness, whether they do this consciously or subconsciously. Through this understanding, you would be able to strengthen the kna of your magick by allowing people to interact with your sigils. All you would need to do is to post your sigils in a public forum so that when individuals interact with those sigils, they will give them kna.

This process can be more effective if you can find a way to make the individual enter an altered state of consciousness when they perceive your sigil. You would be able to do this by creating a flashing GIF of your sigils or placing an optical illusion upon or behind your sigils. This will attract individuals’ eyes, allowing their focus to be locked on the sigil whenever it appears in their View. Some practitioners have even used glitter bombs with the sigil inside to produce this effect.

This can also be done with audio sigils, and because of this, you would be able to implant these inside songs or play these out to the larger public. You would also be able to say specific sigil words to other individuals to allow their consciousness or subconsciousness to focus upon it.

Any sigil would be able to be used this way but would most likely be activated in a passive manner rather than an active one. This is so that when the individual sees the sigil, it will start to manifest what kna it has gotten from that individual. Usually, sigils that focus on this form of charging method will also be used to manifest your desire upon the individual who sees it because they will be connected to the sigil through their site and will also be in the same vicinity as the representation giving the sigil a direct link to manifest upon them.

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