Dakna or the element of earth can be connected with in low altitude areas, or places that are greatly filled with nature such as forests, or caves, and will be places where the earth element will be greatly present. it is also associated with a solid state of matter. The contrary element to earth is air. It is represented by the qualities of Cold, And Dry. Earth combines with water to make the first form of metal, and earth combines with fire to make the first form of lava. This element is the domain of the divine Daknayamasa the divine of earth, and the guardian of the practice of Synthetism.

The Loin:

The Loin is the guardian, and The Keeper of the element of Earth. The Beast that runs along the Earth ruling over it with its Dominion. It is usually represented by the lion panthera leo, but it can be represented by any form of feline.
Metaphysical Correspondences Of Earth: Grounding, Centering, Balance, Harmony, Stability, Nurturing, Nature, Prosperity, Money, Wealth, Protection, Pride, Family, Royalty, Government, Physicality, Ancestors, Structure, Abundance, Employment, Fertility, Strength, Growth, Death, Rebirth, dasakna, and much more…

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