Shakna, or The element of water can be connected with in places of peace, and tranquility. These places will also usually include a lot of water such as rivers, oceans, lakes, and beaches. Places that have to do with sleeping, or meditation are also great places where the element of water can be found. Cold environments also have the element of water present within them. it is also associated with a liquid state of matter. The contrary element to water is fire. It is represented by the qualities of cold, and wet. water combines with air to make the first form of wood, and water combines with earth to make the first form of metal. This element is the domain of the divine shaknayamasa the divine of water and the guardian of the practice of Libratumilera.

The Wolf:

The wolf is the guardian, and the keeper of the element of water. A calm, and mysterious creature in which dwells in mystery. Who walks upon the water, gives guidance, and calls people forth to begin practicing. The wolf is usually canis lupus the gray wolf but can also be anything that takes the form of canine. With great power over spirituality, community, wisdom and pathfinding the wolf guides all to their place in this world.

Metaphysical Correspondences Of Water: Calmness, Sensitiveness, Subconscious, Dreams, Life, Intuition, Healing, Cleanse, Death, Rebirth, loving, Emotions, journeying, Relationships, Transformation, Change, Spirituality, Wisdom, Absorption, Trance State, Reflection, Sensitive, Fertility, Dasakna, and much, much more.

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