Knasha is the kna healing technique that is present Within Libratumilera. It focuses on healing the madaqa kna of an individual or situation by introducing new kna, which will cleanse, ground, center, and balance individuals back to a form of spiritual well-being by restoring their spiritual connections. This kna can be called upon through kna work techniques, or it can be invoked through the healing sigils of Libratumilera. Kna can be sent to an individual a long distance away and can even transcend time and be sent to places in the past and future, though to have control, you must use visualization and a taglock.

The process of Libratumilera kna Healing:

There are six steps to Libratumilera kna healing. These steps are:

  • Environmental preparations
  • Personal preparation
  • Adalama
  • Cleansing
  • Owa
  • Releasing

These processes will lead you through Libratumilera kna healing and ensure that your session is effective and precise. You will have to pick whether it is an individual or a situation for the target, and then you will be able to begin the process.

Environmental preparations:

Libratumilera kna healing should be done in a quiet and comfortable place. This environment should also be cleansed, shielded, and warded to protect the target during the process of their session. This can be done by using the sigils, or it can be done by setting up these processes through other methods.

To do this with the sigils, you will need to draw the Libratumilera healing sigil Caca in the air in each of the four directions, and after drawing a sigil, push your hand through it and say out loud or in your head the word “Caca.” Once they have been drawn and activated, take to the floor and draw the Sigil of Knasha, push into it, and say aloud, or in your head, the word “Knasha.”
This will go through setting up a basic space in which kna healing can be done. This space will be cleansed, warded, and shielded by these sigils. The process can be done without setting up space, but this allows outside influences to not interact with the target during the kna healing process, which can become problematic depending upon what it is.

Personal preparation:

In the personal preparation step, you will need to enter an altered state of consciousness, then center, ground, and drawdown.
First, you need to focus and quiet your mind. Sit or stand in a comfortable position and allow your body to relax by slowly focusing on your breathing. Take some time to allow all of your muscles in your body to relax, and try to focus your thoughts on relaxing, if other focuses come into your mind, acknowledge them, and allow them to dissipate. Continue doing this until you feel you are relaxed and in an altered state of consciousness.

Now focus on your kna and see it flowing throughout your body. Visualize it gathering up together within your center and forming a ball of kna. Allow that ball of kna to build up strongly, soaking in kna from all over your body. Now see roots extending out of this kna central ball down into the earth, strongly connecting yourself to it. This will not only connect you to the earth but your ancestors, your physical being, and the world around you. Also, from the central kna ball, see beam shootout words up through your head and into the sky. See this beam connecting to all of the existence, particularly your shaknayamasa. During this process, practitioners can be empowered through the calling of yamasa or your shaknayamasa. Once you have done this, sit and feel your center and its connections below and above.


To do this kna healing, the practitioner must go through the process of scanning the body to find out where certain issues lie. This can be done by passing the hands over the body or by meditating with the target. When doing this with your hands, you do not have to touch the target’s body, and it can be inches away. When doing this through meditation, you will need to enter an altered state of consciousness and then imagine the skaknao of the target as clearly as you can. By visualizing their skaknao, you will be able to examine their body with your mind to see the issues. Certain disturbances may come up as pressure, tingling, changes in temperature, or negative feelings, which then you will be able to proceed to heal, if you can see them with your mind, they may appear as unpleasant looking forms. Proceed to look over the entire target’s skaknao before moving on to the rest of the healing process.


Once you have located the issues in the body, you must go through the process of cleansing the issues away before you bring healing kna to replace them.

Visualize the area where the issue is taking place in the body and draw the Sigil of Ardard, and then brush your hand over the spot while visualizing clearing away the issues and chanting the word “Ardard” during this process, you also do not have to touch the body. You will want to do this until the kna of the area is clean. You can also go through using saltwater on the area in which the issue is to cleanse it.

Once the kna of the place has been cleansed, move on to the next step.


Once the area is cleansed, it is a free space that could be filled with new healing kna to promote the skaknao healing and provide the system with new kna to work with. Focus and visualize on the spot you just went through the process of cleansing, and draw the Sigil of Knasha, then push your hand through the sigil and push it into the target’s being while chanting the word “Knasha.” Do this until the space feels better to you. You can also draw this sigil and push it in two different areas at the same time to create a healing chain between two spots.


Lastly, the practitioner must separate the connection between them and their target, which was facilitated when you were healing them. For the practitioner to cut the cord, all they must do is draw the sigil of Paba, then speak aloud or in their head the word “paba” while doing so, and imagine the cord breaking. The healing process will continue working even after the target is cut off.

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