Nakna or the element of air can be connected with in higher altitude, and wide open places such as plaines and mountainous areas. Places where you are allowed to breathe easy, Focus and open your mind are places where a high amount of the air element can be found. it is also associated with a gas state of matter. The contrary element to air is earth. It is represented by the qualities of hot, and wet. Air combines with fire to make the first form of lightning, and air combines with water to make the first form of wood. This element is the domain of the divine Naknayamasa the divine of air, and the guardian of the practice of Viadescioism itself.

The Raven:

The raven is the guardian, and the keeper of the element of air. It is intelligent, and represents the whole of the viadescioic language, and also of magick itself. The raven that is usually considered the viadescioic raven is the common raven, but any raven can take its place.

Metaphysical Correspondences Of Air: Intelligence, Wisdom, Unity, Clarity, The Mind, Inspiration, Communication, Freedom, Discernment, Memory, Instruction, Logic, Introspection, Movement, Visualizaton, Magick, New Beginnings, Travel, Focused, Awareness, Mindfulness, Damakna, and much, much more.

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