Ukna or the element of fire can be found in hot, aggressive, and chaotic environments. Places such as volcanoes, the desert, or a battlefield can bring out powerful places of the element of Fire. The element of fire can be found in any place with high amounts of power, wildness, and chaos that can be expressive and/or aggressive. It is also associated with the plasma state of matter. The contrary element to fire is water. It is represented by the qualities of hot, and dry. Fire combines with air to make the first form of lightning, and fire combines with earth to make the first form of lava. This element is the domain of the Divine Uknayamasa the Divine of Fire, and the guardian of the practice of Arda.

The Dragon:

The Dragon is the guardian, and the keeper of the element of Fire. The Dragon in viadescioism is most often portrayed as a amphiptere, but Dragon does refer to any type of dragon. Viadescioic dragons are huge, feathered membranous winged, fire-breathing, leggless snake-like beasts who fly with a combination of their spiritual power, and wings. The color of their bodies change depending upon what they have dominion over, and because of that are a form of samakna, and possess great power over the elements, and the natural world. These entities may have up to 3 pairs of wings but generally have only one pair.
Metaphysical Correspondences Of Fire: Passion, Creativity, Banishment, Cunning, Vitality, Aggression, Purification, Destruction, Strength, Exorcism Protection, Empowerment, Manifestation, Authority, Will, Action, Magick, Consumption, Wild, Illumination, Power, Courage, Energy, Sex, Damakna, and much, much more.

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