Viadescioism believes that being and becoming are two sides of the same coin. Our being is not fixed or static, but rather it is constantly in a state of becoming. This process is influenced by our experiences, choices, and the forces of the world around us. As we engage with the world and make choices, we shape our being and shape the world. Similarly, the world shapes us and influences our becoming.

Being is the essence of an entity or object, and it refers to the fact that it exists and is present in the world. It is the quality or state of existing, and it is not limited to just physical beings, but can also refer to abstract concepts or ideas. Being is characterized by the qualities and attributes that an entity possesses, and it is what makes it unique and distinct from other beings. Being is also closely related to the concept of identity, as it defines who or what an entity is and sets it apart from everything else.

Becoming is the process of change that all beings experience. It allows us to evolve and transform into new versions of ourselves, both physically and emotionally. It is the movement from one state of being to another, and it is an integral part of the cycle of being. In Viadescioism, we understand that being and becoming are interconnected and interdependent, and this process is the foundation of our development.

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