Viadescioism is theistic, monotheistic, polytheistic, autotheistic, and pantheistic within its understanding of the divine. The divine is the sacred preternatural greatest highest supreme point of being, and we refer to this as Oxakna meaning ascended enlightened being. There has to be a top aspect of existence in which encompasses everything else even, if it is not what we described there is an aspect of existence that is the greatest, and this is known to us as Oxakna.

We are theistic, and are not atheistic, antitheistic, non-theistic, or agnostic as Oxakna is the main emanation of divinity in the world, and we believe in it, and we believe we can know about it.

Oxakna is an impersonal divine, and it is more akin to the absolute, or the all, and because of this is not personal. It is not eutheistic, dystheistic, or maltheistic as Oxakna is neutral, and indifferent towards all things and exist much more as a state of nature rather than a benevolent or malevolent force.

Oxakna is the main divinity because of that viadescioism is a monotheistic religion, but viadescioism also believes in emanationism, and the emanations of Oxakna are also divinities making it a polytheistic religion as well. Because of this it is both monotheistic and polytheistic at the same time having one god that is many gods. The polytheism is a Soft polytheism within its esoteric understandings as the Divines are aspect of existence reinterpreted by various cultures and traditions, but it is hard polytheistic within its exoteric understandings as the divines are seen as separate entities of various cultures and traditions. Allowing for the Divine aspects of existence to be honored through our interpretation and understanding of what we find Divine, and how we choose to name that divine. We are Apeirotheistic as the amount of emanations are infinite split off from the main source. meaning that there are an infinite number of aspects of Oxakna which are all Divine and unique within their own right.

We are monistic and hondualistic as there is only one substance or essence of existence and this is kna which is the essence of oxakna, and the ultimate reality not divided into separate parts, and there is no separation or duality between the self and the universe, or between the individual and the ultimate reality.

It is not henotheistic, kathenotheistic, or monolatristic as we do not force the worship of any divine over the divines of others at any specific time or place, or depending upon worthiness. Which is what makes viadescioism religiously pluralistic and omnistic as the other religions should be respected as they are forms of interpretations of the perennialist religious world from the viewpoint of the culture or tradition and are all valid interpretations, but may not always be true, or false.

We are theopanistic and pantheistic as the Divine is the existence and cannot be separated from that existence as it is it. It is not transtheistic, or panentheistic as Oxakna needs to be imminent and in the world, and cannot exist outside of existence because there is nothing outside of existence, or can transcend existence, because being outside of existence means you do not exist which is an impossible state to be within. We are also autotheistic as Oxakna is the main divine emanation of existence, and every other aspect of existence is part of that divinity, and is in some way divine.

It is not classical deism, pandeism, or polydeism as we do not believe the universe was created by the divine and do not believe that is a prerequisite to be divine. We do not believe in any form of creation of existence as we believe existence has always been going.

It is omnipresent, because it is existence and it exists everywhere within existence.

It is omniscient, because it is all of existence, and the existence knows all about itself.

It is not omnipotent as it could not create a rock that it could not move, much like it could not create a round Square or a married Bachelor. There are some aspects of being that are impossible to bring about and because of this they do not exist and are outside of being and because of that are outside of the power of oxakna.

It is not omnibenevolent as it is neutral, and indifferent much like every other aspect of nature.

It is infinite in its depth, number, and possible worlds, much like how a number line can go on forever and there is an infinite number of possibilities of being, and possible worlds.

It is eternal because it has always existed, and there will never be a beginning, or end to existence. Because nothing can not create something from nothing, and nothing can not create something outside of being, therefore something in existence must have existed in order for existence to have existed, and because existence exists it must have been existing already.

It is unchangeable in the sense that the monadic nature does not change, but simply expresses itself differently within the existence which accounts for the change we see even though the existence itself stays the same.

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