In my interpretation of Viadescioism, the divine is perceived as both monotheistic and polytheistic. Despite appearing to be incompatible, these concepts can coexist within an emanationistic religious framework. Emanationism is a philosophical and mystical concept that suggests that the universe and all its beings and entities are created by a single divine source, which emanates and unfolds into multiple levels of reality. This enables the simultaneous adherence to both monotheism and polytheism by recognizing a single God that embodies multiple aspects. the divine source is considered to be both monotheistic as it is a single, ultimate source of all and polytheistic as it is seen to manifest in various forms or emanations. Consequently, in an emanationistic belief system, religion can embody both monotheistic and polytheistic principles, as the divine is considered a unified source that manifests in numerous aspects or facets, which are revered as separate divine beings. This permits the acknowledgement of multiple gods and goddesses while preserving the idea of a supreme ultimate deity.

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