Viadescioism has the understanding and practices of existentialism, allowing the individual to search for their own subjective meaning. Life and being are most likely inherently meaningless, though they can be given meaning by yourself and others who perceive you. The inherent meaninglessness of the universe can be accepted, and understood so that an individual can work with it and move past it to create their subjective meaning. The subjective meaning assigned does not have a truth value and is simply ones personal idea of what something is meant for. This subjective meaning is meaningless in the fact that it does not have an objective state but can act as an illusion to drive the individual.

An individual can also form subjective meaning based around another entity, or construct. Which will also have a subjective meaning that does not have a truth value and is simply another illusion. These will be extrinsic purposes, and meanings in which one entity can oppose upon another, though the subjective meaning of the individual perceiving the entity, or construct will not override, the subjective meaning of another individual perceiving it, or the entity’s, or the construct’s own personal meaning, and will continue to be true to them. No outside authorities have the answers to the purpose, and meaning of yourself, or to anything you perceive, only you can decide the subjective meaning of you, other entities will also do the same for themselves, and their perceptions.

Viadescioism does not subscribe to an inherent meaning, or essence that an entity, or construct was intrinsically designed to accomplish, or have, and all forms of purpose are subjectively chosen by the individual, and entities who perceives the construct, or individual. Viadescioism also does not subscribed to teleology, and does not believe any entity, or force created existence, the universe, entities, or other constructs with an inherent meaning, or purpose that is intrinsic to that construct, or entity. Meaning, and purpose are not objective, and because of this are subjective in nature, and are chosen by the one who perceives, whether that be the individual themselves, or an entity external to them. Everyone will come to their own subjective meaning for themselves, and the constructs, and entities external of them. Life, and existence may be absurd, and meaningless, but through the perception of what we deem meaningful, and purposeful we give ourselves, and others the essence to continue living, and existing.

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