Yes, you are definitely able to have a personal relationship with Oxakna. Oxakna is not some form of Transcendent being and everyone no matter who they are have the ability to interact with, and have a relationship with Oxakna. Oxakna is found in every aspect of the world though we usually only notice them within the feeling of Dasalamaxa. Dasalamaxa meaning a Great divinely-inspired awe. It is the feeling an individual gets when they connects with the sacred, and/or spiritual aspect of life and come in contact with the profound or divine through pieces of the environment. Within this state the individual will recognize the sacred within something whether that be something physical, spiritual, or mental and from there they can interact with the divine essence of Oxakna through a piece of its emanation. All people have access to Oxakna at all times because it is ever-present, and it’s really just about recognising that relationship in order to facilitate your own personal relationship, but it is possible and can be done.

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