According to Viadescioism, the self is not a separate and distinct entity, but rather an emanation of Oxakna, which is present in everything and everyone. The individual self is merely one among many selves of Oxakna, all acting in a performance with each other. Each self is like a drop of water in the ocean, no different from the ocean itself. Oxakna is all-encompassing and It is in everything and everyone, equally. In this sense, the self is Oxakna and there is no real self, just a role that is being played. In Viadescioism, it is believed that to truly understand the self is to understand Oxakna. This is because the self and Oxakna are one and the same, and the knowledge of one leads to the knowledge of the other. The concept of oneness in Viadescioism emphasizes the idea that all things are interconnected and that there is no real difference between the self and others.

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