In Viadescioism, death is viewed as a natural conclusion to an individual’s life. It marks the end of our existence as a unique being in this world and leads to the disintegration of our physical, mental, and spiritual parts. These parts are then transformed into new things, making death a reflection of the process of coming into life. Life, in this sense, is the coming together of different aspects of existence, whereas death signifies their separation or return to the original state.

It is believed that death does not mark the end of existence, as the individual’s aspects are simply recycled back into the system of existence they were a part of. In Viadescioism, life and death are not considered as opposite ends of a spectrum, but rather as different stages in the process of being and becoming. The essence of an individual’s being is infinite and exists in multiple forms, each holding its unique and intersectional aspects at different times and places, along a more general temporal path. Life brings these aspects together, death separates them, and they are then combined again in new ways.

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